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FFX Brand


FFX Brand Throughbolt

Right now we have a wide range including the following:

Resins Throughbolts BZP TCT Blades Nail and Gas packs INOX Cutting Discs Plasterboard Fixings Hammer Screws BZP Hammer Screws Stainless Steel Metal Hammer In Anchor Chemical Resin Studs BZP Chemical Resin Studs Galvanised Chemical Resin Studs Stainless Steel Chemical Anchor Accessories Drop In Anchors (with setting tools) SDS Plus Drill Bits SDS Plus Points & Chisels Wood Auger Bits Stubby Wood Auger Bits Csk Frame Fixings Hex Head Frame Fixings Plastic Packing Shims SDS Max Drill Bits SDS Max Points & Chisels Masonry Screws Jigsaw Blades Sabre Saw Blades Wire Hangers Twinfast Woodscrews (box and tub) Hitech Woodscrews (box and tub) Drywall Screws Bugle Head Self-Drill Drywall Screws Bugle Head Coarse Thread Drywall Screws Nylon Plugs Flat / Spade Wood Bits