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Fuel Cell for Cordless Gas Nailer 1st fix

£6.63ex. VAT

Trade Pack FUEL-GP1 Cordless Gas Nailer Single Fuel Cell, for propelling gas powered tools.

Product Details


This Single Fuel Cell suitable for a wide variety of Cordless Gas Nailers.

Compatible With All Clipped Head Nailers.

The fuel cell can be used with any leading manufacturers clipped head nailer. It has a high grade propane & butane mixture and synthetic oil to lubricate the tool and prolong service internals.

Features and Benefits:

  • The fuel cell is a liquefied gas under pressure - colourless with a slight odour. The Fuel cells contain a high grade Propane/Butane fuel mixture - which leaves little carbon residue in the tool.
  • The fuel also has a fully synthetic oil as a lubricant - increasing the time between servicing.
  • Fuel cell functions down to -5° Celsius and up to a maximum of 35° Celsius

Technical Specification:

Fuel Type - Propane & Butane
Lubricated - Yes
Size - 80ml
Weight - 40g
Operating Temperature - From -5 to 35°c
Efficiency - min. 1100 shots

Supplied With:

1 x Gas Nailer Fuel Cell

Key Features

Model NumberR-FUEL-GP1

Product specification of Fuel Cell for Cordless Gas Nailer 1st fix

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Fuel Cell for Cordless Gas Nailer 1st fix

£6.63ex. VAT

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