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Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades 50pk

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Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades Pack of 50

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Product Details


The Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades, a pack of 50 high-performance blades designed for precision and durability.

Introducing the Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades, a pack of 50 high-performance blades designed for precision and durability. These blades are not your average knife blades; they are engineered with a carbide edge, a material known for its strength and reliability. This unique feature ensures that the blades remain sharp and long-lasting, reducing the frequency of blade changes and saving you valuable time.

The Stanley Carbide Knife Blades are designed with a flexible body that prevents brittleness and potential breakage, enhancing their lifespan and ensuring consistent performance. This flexibility, combined with the sharpness of the carbide edge, makes these blades an excellent choice for a wide range of cutting tasks.

The pack includes 50 blades, all housed in a sturdy plastic case for easy storage and transport. This ensures that you always have a sharp, reliable blade at hand, ready when you are.

The Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades are a testament to Stanley's commitment to quality, reliability, and practicality. They are an essential addition to any toolkit, whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your tools. Choose the Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades and experience the difference that quality makes. Purchase today and elevate your cutting tasks to a new level of precision and efficiency.

Key Features

Model NumberSTA811800

What's in the box

    • 1 x Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades 50pk
    • The Stanley

Product specification of Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades 50pk


4.9 / 5

Based on 14 reviews

Well worth paying the extra for stay sharp much longer

CHAS LEWIS, 05/11/2023

Great value and fast delivery.

Ray Sellars, 11/11/2022

Best quality, recommended!!!

RENATAS ZALYS, 06/05/2021

I cut lots of cardboard they keep an edge and can be shared on bent sander

Jack Adlard, 16/02/2021

Had been meaning to try these blades for ages and now wish i had brought first. One half of first blade only gave up after cutting 2 sheets of plasterboard, and I'd been using blade for 2 weeks before. Just make sure you have a box of plasters for cuts! No joking they are dangerously sharp but makes using Stanley knife a pleasure now.

David Q, 25/11/2020

Good as described

Diane Boulton, 22/10/2020

As a dryliner, I was hoping that these blades would cut the boards cleaner and last longer. Although they do to a certain extent, they're no better than much cheaper, good quality blades on the market. I personally wont be buying these again. Couldn't fault the delivery/packaging.

Antoni, 13/08/2020

Great value , ideal for carpet fitting

andy laskey, 03/08/2020

The carbide blades a a good upgrade over the standard blades. Not sure if they'll be cost effective but so far I've noticed a marked reduction in frequency of blade change.

Gary, 29/07/2020

The best Stanley blades you can buy. An absolute bargain price too.

Jason Cooper, 28/07/2020

Many manufacturers claim their blades are the sharpest in the world and the buyer ends up disappointed. But the Stanley carbide blades here are sharp and long lasting as promised. I'm very satisfied with them.

ErGu, 10/09/2019

I say no more

customer, 20/08/2019

Fantastic value for money great product

Spencer, 25/08/2017

these blades are the best for my carpet fitting business, much better than the standard blades

Mr Dobson, 21/04/2017

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Stanley STA811800 Carbide Knife Blades 50pk

£15.79£21.80ex. VAT

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