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Sealey VS820 Brake and Clutch Bleeding System

£48.29ex. VAT

The Sealey VS820 Brake and Clutch Bleeding System is a one-man brake and clutch bleeding professional system, ideal for mechanics and engineers. This Bleeding requires no external power source making it ideal for both workshops and kerbside.

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Product Details


The Sealey VS820 Brake and Clutch Bleeding System, a professional-grade tool designed for mechanics and engineers.

Introducing the Sealey VS820 Brake and Clutch Bleeding System, a professional-grade tool designed for mechanics and engineers. This one-man operation system doesn't require any external power source, making it a perfect choice for both workshops and roadside assistance.

The Sealey VS820 is equipped with a 2.5-litre reservoir, capable of holding enough hydraulic fluid to flush an entire system in one go. This feature enhances efficiency and saves valuable time. The system operates within a pressure range suitable for ABS systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

This bleeding system is not only functional but also portable. Its lightweight design and the absence of power cords make it easy to transport and use wherever needed. The system comes with a 42mm cap, making it suitable for most European models.

The Sealey VS820 stands out for its professional-grade performance, portability, and ease of use. It's a reliable tool that delivers quality and efficiency in brake and clutch bleeding tasks.

Technical specifications include a net weight of 1.22kg, a capacity of 2.5L, and a maximum pressure of 28psi. The system is supplied with a 2.5L Brake & Clutch Bleeding System and optional caps are available for purchase separately.

Experience the quality and reliability of Sealey tools. Purchase the Sealey VS820 Brake and Clutch Bleeding System today and elevate your professional toolkit.

Key Features

Model NumberVS820

What's in the box

    • 1 x 2.5L Brake & Clutch Bleeding System

Product specification of Sealey VS820 Brake and Clutch Bleeding System


4.9 / 5

Based on 20 reviews

Brought this brake bleeder and was working flawlessly, however went to use it today after having approx 2-3 weeks and it won’t build up pressure. Have emailed so will await a response on how best to rectify the issue.

Stuart, 01/12/2023

Great product

Bertie Bridges, 18/11/2023

Great item, I means I can bleed my brakes on my own and don’t need a second man. Simple to use. I was gonna buy one of theses a few years ago but the prices were about £80 ish. I got this for less than £40 probably because the Chineseium copies that are everywhere now. At that kind of price I’m happy to pay for a better known brand and I’m certainly not disappointed. Very quick delivery too. Many thanks

Dave, 13/11/2023

Good product, recommended 👍🏻

Przemyslaw Ziolkowski, 22/10/2023

I have been looking a various brake pressure bleeders and decided on the Sealey VS820 Brake and Clutch Bleeding System. The challenge on the internet is to find a reputable company with the genuine article. I selected FFX who didn't disappoint. I will use this company again and can recommend them. Thanks to all at FFX.

Bob Milton Keynes, 27/09/2023

Great product!

Jim & Elaine, 05/08/2023

Was slightly sceptical as to whether this would work well but happy to report its fantastic. I experienced no vacuum leaks, the caps all fitted properly and over all it was easy to use.

Neil Tomlinson, 16/06/2023

used these for ages ,good bit of kit

Robert Jones, 18/05/2023

product helped me bleed a clutch i could not bleed before

Anthony White, 24/01/2023

A brake line on my Mercedes S204 C Class burst, it became evident that after repairing the line I had lost too much fluid from the reservoir as the brake pedal was almost useless, I thought air must have gotten into the pipes between the master cylinder and the ABS unit. Pumping the pedal to bleed the brake lines to the calipers did work but the pedal remained useless, it just couldn't build enough pressure to push out the pocket of air which was trapped somewhere, probably between the master cylinder and the ABS unit. I used this pump to pressurise the system and open the ABS unit unions on the pipes which come from the master cylinder, it pushed out some air. Pedal then felt much better. Continued to use it to bleed the brakes at the calipers in the correct sequence, again on the ABS unions and then again at each caliper. It took some perseverance but this saved me taking it to a Mercedes specialist or a mechanic with STAR Diagnostics, which according to many forum posts, would be needed to manually activate the ABS pump and bleed the air out. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the build quality isn't great for something which isn't that cheap. Specifically I could hear air hissing out from the reservoir cap and from where the pressure gauge screws into the unit. Still saved a small fortune on garage repair bills though, so it was well worth it!

Louis C, 03/10/2022

Only gave 4 stars because not used as yet.

Mr colin maddock, 09/08/2022

Just what I needed at a great price.

Paul T, 09/07/2022

Did the job

MR C DODGSON, 14/02/2022

Works as it should.

rafal nowak, 31/10/2021

Very satisfying with that product I really recommend it

Silva claudio, 02/07/2021

A great tool does exactly what it says it’s going to do

John hoskin, 14/12/2019

Does the job designed for

customer, 22/03/2019

Hi, this item is excellent and does the job. I would recommend anyone without hesitation.thanks

Mohammed yunis, 03/01/2018

First time I’ve used ffx. Will definitely use them in future.

Ian, 08/12/2017

makes bleeding brakes so easy i wish i'd bought one a long time ago.

sean , 11/08/2017

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Sealey VS820 Brake and Clutch Bleeding System

£48.29ex. VAT

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