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R.S.T RST8318 Soft Touch Groover Trowel 6 x 3in

£4.13ex. VAT

R.S.T RST8318 Soft Touch Groover Trowel 6 x 3in

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Introducing the R.S

Introducing the R.S.T RST8318 Soft Touch Groover Trowel, a tool designed with precision and comfort in mind. This trowel is an essential addition to any construction or DIY toolkit, specifically designed to prevent cracking in concrete slabs.

The RST8318 features a projecting groove along its base, upturned at one end, to create divisions in concrete slabs. This unique feature ensures the longevity of your concrete work by preventing the formation of cracks.

But it's not just about functionality. The RST8318 also prioritizes user comfort. Its soft-grip handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use, making your work experience more enjoyable and efficient.

This trowel is a testament to R.S.T's commitment to quality, reliability, and service. It's a tool that's ready when you are, designed to deliver accuracy and durability in every use.

Don't compromise on your tools. Choose the RST8318 Soft Touch Groover Trowel for a trustworthy and pragmatic solution to your concrete work needs. Purchase today and experience the difference of a truly quality tool.

Key Features

Model NumberRST8318

Product specification of R.S.T RST8318 Soft Touch Groover Trowel 6 x 3in


4 / 5

Based on 4 reviews

Excellent tool

paul latham, 10/05/2023

Groove is far too shallow to work as a control joint in a sensible thickness slab. I ended up using this to create a cosmetic groove with nice edges then coming back in the morning with an angle grinder to cut the actual control joint.

Mike, 23/05/2022

Excellent stuff

Mohammed Shafiq, 17/09/2021

Very lovely groover trowel

Patrikee, 21/06/2021

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R.S.T RST8318 Soft Touch Groover Trowel 6 x 3in

£4.13ex. VAT

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