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OX Tools OX-P080124 Pro Claw Hammer 24oz

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Ox Tools OX-P080124 Pro Claw Hammer 24oz

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Product Details


The OX Tools OX-P080124 24oz Claw Hammer, a robust and comfortable tool designed for professionals.

Introducing the OX Tools OX-P080124 24oz Claw Hammer, a robust and comfortable tool designed for professionals. This hammer is an essential addition to your toolbox, perfect for tackling home renovations or large woodworking projects. The OX-P080124 allows you to both hammer in and remove nails effectively, making your work more efficient.

The OX-P080124 is forged from a single piece of premium quality steel, eliminating the risk of breakages due to loose joints. This design enhances the hammer's durability, ensuring it can withstand the demands of professional use.

OX Tools have incorporated a shock-absorbent handle into this claw hammer. This feature not only provides comfort during use but also dampens the vibrations felt with each strike. This means you can work for longer periods without experiencing fatigue. The smooth face of the OX-P080124 ensures that it will not leave an imprint on the nails when struck, reducing the chance of damaging your workpiece.

Key features of the OX-P080124 include its forged one-piece steel construction for enhanced durability, a hardened and tempered steel head for maximum force upon impact, a non-slip ergonomically designed soft grip handle for comfort, and a well-balanced design for brilliant maneuverability.

Technical specifications of the OX-P080124 include a head weight of 24oz/680g, a smooth face, a steel shaft material, and a rubber grip.

The OX-P080124 is a strong and durable claw hammer, perfect for professionals such as carpenters and artisans who need a reliable tool for driving in and removing nails. Its durability and comfort make it a tool you'll use and appreciate for years to come.

The OX-P080124 Claw Hammer comes with a 24oz Claw Hammer. Trust in the quality and reliability of OX Tools and purchase your OX-P080124 today.

Key Features

Model NumberOX-P080124
Hanging HoleFalse
Magnetic Nail StarterFalse
Single Piece ForgingTrue
Shaft Materialsteel
Head Weight24oz/680g

What's in the box

    • 1 x 24oz Claw Hammer

Product specification of OX Tools OX-P080124 Pro Claw Hammer 24oz


5 / 5

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Well balanced with a quality feel of a hammer twice the price.

NEIL WARNE, 21/01/2020

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OX Tools OX-P080124 Pro Claw Hammer 24oz

£20.83£24.40ex. VAT

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