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Metabo TS254M 240V 254mm Table Saw

£253.29£271.20ex. VAT

The Metabo TS 254 M 240v Table Saw is a compact piece of sawing equipment with an anti-twist tubular frame, designed to offer you unbeatable cutting performance.

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Product Details


The Metabo TS254M 240V 254mm Table Saw, a compact yet powerful sawing tool designed to deliver exceptional cutting performance.

Introducing the Metabo TS254M 240V 254mm Table Saw, a compact yet powerful sawing tool designed to deliver exceptional cutting performance. This table saw is equipped with an anti-twist tubular frame, ensuring durability and stability even under demanding conditions on the job site or during installations.

The Metabo TS254M features a quick stop motor brake that halts the saw blades in just three seconds, enhancing safety and efficiency. The restart protection feature reduces the risk of unintentional start-up after a power interruption, ensuring your work continues smoothly and safely.

The table saw offers precise adjustments with its quick fastening and double clamping parallel guide/rip fence. The saw blade inclination can be finely adjusted with the gear guide, allowing for accurate and precise cuts every time. The extendable table width extension accommodates extra-large working areas, making this table saw versatile for a variety of projects.

For easy transportation and storage, all additional components and cables can be conveniently stored on the casing. This makes the Metabo TS254M an ideal choice for trade professionals such as carpenters, joiners, and kitchen fitters, as well as DIY enthusiasts tackling large woodworking projects.

The Metabo TS254M 240V 254mm Table Saw comes with a parallel guide, a mitre fence, table extensions, and a carbide saw blade with alternately bevel-ground tips (40 teeth), providing you with everything you need to get started on your next project.

Experience the power, precision, and convenience of the Metabo TS254M 240V 254mm Table Saw. Purchase today and elevate your woodworking projects to new heights of quality and efficiency.

Key Features

Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberTS254M
Product Typetable saw

What's in the box

    • 1 x 240v 254mm Table Saw
    • 1 x Parallel Guide/Rip Fence
    • 1 x Mitre Fence
    • 1 x Table Length Extension
    • 1 x Table Width Extension
    • 1 x Push Stick

Product specification of Metabo TS254M 240V 254mm Table Saw


4.6 / 5

Based on 29 reviews

On taking delivery of the saw and on opening the box I found the bracket that stows the fence to be broken from one of the fixings. The mitre fence was bent and so would not even slide in the slot. The handle for the mitre fence was broken. I set the saw up and the first thing I checked was the accuracy of the fence to the blade and found it to be out by around 3mm. This could be corrected by pushing the fence over and checking with a square but I feel this would have to be done every time you move the fence. It was at this point I decided to repack the saw in the box and return the item. I never powered up the saw. To me the build quality is very poor. I have an earlier model of table saw made by Metabo and I thought the quality would be the same but I was completely wrong. I have now decided to keep the original saw as the accuracy is spot on every time. The new saw would be okay for someone who does not require a good level of accuracy when cutting. It has been built so it can be carried quite easily if using on job sites. I cannot comment on how it cuts as never tried the saw.

Mr Stewart Aymes, 22/10/2023

This is my second Metabo. Quality build and great value for money.

Charlie - Derry, 15/07/2023

The saw cut really nice and clean , although we’re you tie up the cable is very poorly made , too soft rubber , I’ve used my saw about six times and the cable tie up has already split . The blade guide fastener keeps coming loose on start up which is a bit of a pain. Apart from the two things it’s a great saw .

Sean Taylor, 07/04/2023

Used today for 1st time. Blade noisy to start but stops very quickly. Cuts very well straight out of the box. Fiddly getting gate parallel but now have the hang of it. Chunky and well put together plus easy to clean with shop vac.

Roman Cetnarskyj, 06/04/2023

Nothing more to say but excellent

Owen Rayment, 17/02/2023

Always use Metabo tools.

Mr Gintaras Kriauciunas, 26/11/2022

So far so good, really happy with this Metabo table saw, cuts through 3x2 timber like butter.

Stephen Harrison, 18/11/2022

Unfortunately I haven't had time too use this table saw to give any constructive feedback, but have looked over it and everything does look and feel strong but time will tell hence only the 3 stars

Kenny Mcbay, 07/10/2022

Very good saw and exceptional value for money.

Paul Duffy, 01/10/2022

I bought this as a replacement to a budget table saw which was almost all made of plastic. For the price bracket the Metabo is very good value for money. I've ripped lengths of 3X10''s into 3X5''s without any issues whatsoever, although I did replace the blade from the supplied 'all purpose' to a proper wood blade. I've got a few Metabo tools and like the quality and the price.

David, 30/07/2022

Working werry well like in specification

Mariusz Czech, 08/06/2022

Great item, exactly what I was looking for

Alison, 12/02/2022

I have no idea what this product is like! After placing an order for this item, I was informed via email that it would be delivered the following day, despite FFX knowing full well they did not have this item in stock. I was eventually given a refund. After my initial review of FFX, they responded by saying they would contact me to resolve the 'issue'. Looking and several other reviews, this seems to be the standard wording from this company. No contact has been made by them. Insincere and devious are two terms that come to mind as far as this company goes, although other terms, such as crappy and wasters would probably be more representative of their customer service.

Dimitrie J, 15/07/2021

Spot on. Strong and rigid with all key parts cast.

Jon, 12/07/2021

Great saw, really like metabo tools

Perry Buckle, 11/07/2021

Received this saw and it took about an hour to set up. Setting everything correctly does take a bit of patience, but if you do it before beginning to use it your cuts will be good. Once it’s done it is an excellent saw for the price. The soft start makes cutting a lot easier, it does take a bit of time to get the fence to lock correctly, done by adjusting the locking nut on the end on the fence until it locks the front just before the back. After doing several test cuts on some off cuts I had it proved to be very accurate, I then did the cuts I needed and after several minutes had cut a sheet of 12mm ply into accurate consistent pieces for some shelves for my workshop. This is an advantage for me as the local timber merchant has stopped cutting sheets to size. All in all this has been a very good purchase, as I wasn’t sure about quality etc but it has proved that if you take the time to set everything as best you can it’s an excellent saw.

MR L K Ratcliffe, 08/07/2021

Precision cut to 2mm thin strip from 50mm batten. Smooth cut on structural timber. Every DiYer should get one.

JL, 27/06/2021

Excellent product. Slight problem which was soon sorted by FFX quickly.

Samantha Griffiths, 23/06/2021

Product is robust and works well.

Gary, 28/04/2021

Overall very pleased with saw for the money spent. Only downside is the accuracy of the rip fence.Too much play in its tracks so angle not always true. Solved this by using a try square before locking rip fence in place.

Iain Ferguson, 28/04/2021

Good bit of kit ,love the fence .

Graham Rooney, 23/04/2021

Great piece of kit

PETER pardii, 21/04/2021

Handy saw and good value it has its bad points though the roving knife cannot be removed the fence is not easy to square up the on off switch is in an awkward position

Paul Kelly, 21/04/2021

Compact good machine

William, 22/10/2020

Compact and powerful. Great design which enables minimal storage requirements and easy manoeuvring. Awesome bit of kit

David Jones, 16/09/2020

An excellent product for the price

customer, 02/09/2020

I have used it a few times now, and I am so pleased with it. There is no effort pushing the wood through. Recently cut some hardwood, and the finish on the cut was perfect. No need to plane, or sand. Well worth the money.

Mr P Newton, 28/08/2020

Great product, in line with my expectations. Robust, precise. I am really satisfied.

Massi, 17/08/2020

Smaller than his big brother TS254 but cheaper, with the same power and precision. Highly recommended

Alessandro Bergnach, 28/07/2020

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Metabo TS254M 240V 254mm Table Saw

£253.29£271.20ex. VAT

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