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Metabo HC260C 240v Planer Thicknesser Set Including Leg Stand

£560.79ex. VAT

The 240v Metabo Planer Thicknesser with Leg Stand 0114026038 is ideal for professional tradesmen. This Metabo wood planer is supplied with a leg stand, an integrated disposable reversible thickness planer blade, a short swivelling jointing fence, a chip ejection hood, a push stick and an extraction nozzle.

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Product Details


The Metabo HC260C 240V 1600W Planer Thicknesser Set, an exceptional tool for professional carpenters, joiners, and kitchen fitters.

Introducing the Metabo HC260C 240V 1600W Planer Thicknesser Set, an exceptional tool for professional carpenters, joiners, and kitchen fitters. This powerful machine delivers an output power of 1600W, ensuring quick, efficient, and even planing.

The HC260C is equipped with a host of features designed to enhance your work experience. The crank handle simplifies height adjustment, while the stable gear ensures a uniform workpiece feed. The jointing fence can swivel between 90°-45°, providing flexibility in your work.

Despite its robust power, the HC260C operates quietly and requires no maintenance. The no-volt release switch enhances user safety by preventing unintentional start-ups after power cuts. The durable legs provide a solid, secure base for the machine.

This planer thicknesser set comes with a variety of accessories, including a chip ejection hood, a push stick, and transport wheels for easy site mobility.

Key features of the HC260C include a powerful 1600W output, a quiet motor, and long service life blades. The machine allows for simple conversion from surface planer to bench thicknesser without the need for tools. The thickness table is made of solid, non-abrasive grey cast iron, ensuring durability.

The Metabo HC260C 240V 1600W Planer Thicknesser Set is a testament to quality, reliability, and performance. It's a tool that's ready when you are, providing pragmatic accuracy and exceptional service. Purchase today and experience the difference of a truly quality tool.

Key Features

Model NumberHC260C

What's in the box

    • 1 x 240V 1600W Planer Thicknesser
    • 1 x Integrated Disposable Reversible Planer Blades
    • 1 x ShortSwiveling Jointing Fence
    • 1 x Chip Ejection Hood
    • 1 x Push Stick
    • 1 x Extraction Nozzles
    • 1 x Transport Wheels

Product specification of Metabo HC260C 240v Planer Thicknesser Set Including Leg Stand


4.5 / 5

Based on 33 reviews

Great tool, compact but sturdy and powerful

Mr Gary Blake, 01/01/2024

great for the money, fence needs to be sturdier

Fin, 28/10/2023

Great tool and works really well. The instructions are woeful and I’d suggest watching badgers videos. The packaging inside the box isn’t as good as it could be. Mine arrived with some minors marks and scratches. Some of the plastic bits (there not many) do feel a bit cheap compared to the rest of the machine. The dust collection is also a bit lacking but this could be more to do with my set up. The good parts are it’s quiet, powerful and accurate. Leaves a good finish. The scrub screw adjustment for the blades is a god send.

Karl Nagra, 06/08/2023

Very decent for the money, powerful and quiet in operation, works extremely well in conjunction with Metabo extractor unit.

Mark winstanley, 22/12/2022

Fence is cupped. So getting anything square is pretty much not possible. Have reported to FFX but no response at time of writing

David Hunt, 22/12/2022

Well built sturdy machine, build instructions are poor thank god for YouTube.

John Connell, 18/11/2022

The product itself is very good. For the money you won’t find better I think.

Mr Lucian Bujor, 11/10/2021

Really good so far. Difficult to assemble but the results have been fantastic.

Nathan Douglas, 27/09/2021

This is one of the cheapest planner/thicknessers out there and my expectations weren’t very high. However, surprised at the quality and weight and in fact for a diy situation it’s decent machine. Instructions are pants and without YouTube I’d have had real difficulty putting it together. Use in anger shows it to be reasonably accurate and not bad valuse for money given some of the other stuff out there. I’d recommend it.

Stuart, 23/09/2021

Second one I’ve owned! Great for the hobbyist.

John Winchester, 17/09/2021

Very heavy, well made, looks very strong.

Rob Burgess, 09/09/2021

Excellent product only had it a month but very pleased so far, would advise purchasing a vacuum to use with it. Instructions fir set up were a bit lack lustre.

Nicala O'Leary, 30/08/2021

Assembly wasn't as difficult as I had braced for, Badger workshops YouTube video being extremely helpful. Once assembled everything worked as it should, no fence issues, easy adjustments and even flipping between planer and thicknessing is pretty simple. Results have been extremely good although thicknesser needs gentle adjustments else you'll be down to veneer in no time. Chip extractor design is utter c**p so you'll need to remove it and empty by hand quite frequently

Stephen Edgington, 14/08/2021

Hi ,had to cancel order ,after being promised planer four times ,failed to delivery, No one contacted me to say the courier wouldn’t be. Last time I was told it sitting in there depot in Aberdeen, asked me to collect it myself,that wasn’t possible, so one of your workers suggested to cancel, so I agreed, Very bad service, won’t won’t be buying anything from your company again. Would like you to reply to this comment. Regards A Mile

AlastairMilne, 10/08/2021

Very good build quality. A little difficult to assemble (the manual; is not very clear on some points), but worth the effort.

Mr Richard Stuckey, 04/08/2021

Kwaliteit is goed doet wat er van verwacht wordt, goede keus

T Roethof, 30/12/2020

Early days to give a review

Paul Thompson, 24/12/2020

Very good product ,good value ,all ready for some work

J Gelder, 24/12/2020

Somewhat complex to assemble, manual not great even with addendum sheet exploding some parts. Considerable degree of pressure (on a plastic part) on extraction port needed to operate micro switches in planer mode Once assembled very easy and precise to adjust. Extremely accurate. Effortless planning, Fence is within 0.05deg of a true 90deg once adjusted which is quite frankly astonishingly good. Price / performance is virtually unbeatable in my opinion.

Jim Elliott, 14/10/2020

There are only thing I could fault about this product is the instructions, they are diabolical and the other disappointment is that the start stop switch does not have emergency stop shield fitted, when you look at the picture online some do and some don’t, my question would be why would remove a safety feature? Apart from that I’m chuffed to bits with it.

Customer, 01/10/2020

Solid bit of kit that does the job its supposed to do. If you are thinking of spending £400+ push the boat out. There is a world of difference between this and the cheaper generic machines. Well worth the extra money.

David Moore, 30/09/2020

Very happy with my purchase , good value

Janet and John , 10/08/2020

Excellent product. Accurate planing and thicknessing easy to switch between the two set ups. Instructions are well supplemented by additional booklet apart from height adjuster bar but u tube video helped. Highly recommend

Mrs Karen Scott, 10/08/2020

For the price, I don't think you can beat this machine. It's sturdy, the cast iron planing bed is flat and true, and all the adjustment feels solid. Results straight out the box were almost perfect, and they appear to have listened about the assembly instructions being difficult to follow and have included an extra addendum to the manual with some more detailed steps. Overall, highly recommended.

Jason, 10/08/2020

It took me a long time to decide what brand to get, I finally settled on Metabo. The reviews were pretty good but they mostly said that the set up instructions were not the best. After a few hours assembly I decided to give it a try. The jointer section worked fine but the thicknesser would not even switch on. I spent 3.5hrs trying all sorts of things and watching countless YouTube videos. None of which helped. I eventually decid d to open the casing and check the hidden micro switch. That's when I discovered the fault. The roller on the switch was assembled wrong. I loosened the grub screw, turned the roller and reassembled the casing and it finally worked.....after fixing the manufacturer fault the machine worked brilliantly. Still early days as to whether it meets all my expectations but so far so good.

Mr Mcallister, 27/07/2020

Very good machine

Charles Kirk, 27/07/2020

Would have been good if it had have worked, but poorer quality than the original german manufactured units despite the cast bed on the revision.

Greg, 15/02/2019

I took time to carefully assemble the Machine and more so on the final set up. ie table alignment and blade setting. The Machine performs very well on both softwood and Hardwoods (Oak) providing a very smooth finish to timbers planed Really pleased with purchase.

John Matthews, 16/02/2018

A little more involved to setting it up than I had expected and instructions not the best, but the machine is very capable and very pleased with it. I had hoped to get away without buying a dust extractor, having used a very similar machine a few years ago without an extractor, but the new new safety feature of having to fit the dust spout before it will turn on, means you have to have an extractor or it clogs within seconds.

Gary Slade, 09/02/2018

I bought 3 PT's before this, cheaper brands (not from FFX I might add) and they were all faulty in one way or another. I decided to up the price and go for the HC260C. Although an exceptional plane in terms of use and general finish I have given this 4 stars because it is a little fiddly to set up, to the point that you need to get yourself organised with respect to making sure that you do all your planing(squaring etc.) before changing over to thicknessing mode. You don't want to be swapping and changing to much! One of the positives with this machine is that you do have a degree of adjustment on ensuring the beds are co-planer. Something you don't get on cheaper models. I would definitely recommend this machine.

Mark Lea, 27/01/2018

Decent machine. Well built. Quality material. Took a long time to set it up... and still have leftover pieces without a home. Works ok but haven't used it in anger

Carver Parkes, 24/11/2017

Very good product. Just used it on pine project so far but ran a sample of American white oak no problem. Looking forward to many projects go8ng thru this machine. Took wee while to set up to what I wanted but now repeats itself every time.

alex w, 02/10/2017

Great product, best price & fast delivery. Very happy!

Darrel, 10/07/2017

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Metabo HC260C 240v Planer Thicknesser Set Including Leg Stand

£560.79ex. VAT

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