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Metabo DH330 240V Bench Thicknesser

£315.83£319.20ex. VAT

The Metabo DH330 240v Bench Thicknesser is a bench top planer is perfect for cleaning up old timbers up to 330 mm wide and 152 mm thick. Thanks to its compact design and light weight construction, the planer is perfect for mobile use.

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Product Details


The Metabo DH330 240V Bench Thicknesser, a top-tier bench planer designed to breathe new life into old timbers.

Introducing the Metabo DH330 240V Bench Thicknesser, a top-tier bench planer designed to breathe new life into old timbers. With a capacity to handle materials up to 330mm wide and 152mm thick, this tool is a must-have for both professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts.

The Metabo DH330 stands out with its compact design and lightweight construction, making it perfect for mobile use. It features an easy-to-use crank handle for convenient height adjustment, ensuring you can tailor the tool to your specific needs. Powered by a robust universal motor, it delivers an even planing result and an impressive lugging drive, ensuring your work is always of the highest standard.

One of the key features of the Metabo DH330 is its restart protection, which prevents unintentional start-up when the power supply is interrupted. This safety feature ensures that you can work with confidence, knowing that your tool is designed with your safety in mind.

With a feed rate of 7 meters per minute, and a two-blade cutter block capable of removing up to 3mm of material at a time, the Metabo DH330 offers precise thickness adjustment for quick and exact planing. This means you can achieve the perfect finish every time, whether you're working on a small DIY project or a large professional job.

The Metabo DH330 240V Bench Thicknesser comes with two reversible blades, a push stick, and an extraction nozzle, providing you with everything you need to get started. Purchase today and experience the quality and reliability of Metabo tools.

Key Features

Model NumberDH330

What's in the box

    • 1 x Metabo DH330 240V Bench Thicknesser
    • 1 x HSS Integrated Reversible Planer Blades
    • 1 x Extraction Nozzle

Product specification of Metabo DH330 240V Bench Thicknesser


4.9 / 5

Based on 55 reviews

very good, super

Mr Ropa, 04/10/2023

Produces a high quality finish from first use. Easy to set up and use. No problems so far. Very satisfied.

Andy , 20/08/2023

Awesome product

Graham, 30/06/2023

This is the first time I've bought a planer /thicknesser and I chose metabo because I've already got loads of their kit which I use regularly for work and have a few items for my workshop, I'm only a small guy so it's damn heavy at 35kg but that proves it is made to last for years and not fall to pieces. Only way to get it into my loft was a block and tackle winch kit which came in handy for my next bit of kit (bosch table saw). Set up the planer to trim an old piece of timber from my victorian terrace house, it was extremely rough cut, so after a few passes it started to look like a decent piece of timber and surprisingly despite a lot of critism about chip extraction there was hardly any left to vacuum up, all I did was improvise a fitting from my not expensive vacuum cleaner which is designed for workshops and hey ho it damn well worked, of course you will have to empty this often if you plane a fair few lengths of timber but the super size filter makes that very easy to do. Using the planer is common sense if you are handy and have some aptitude for safety and knowing what it is capable of. Tools like this are not for novices be warned, you could lose fingers and /or limbs I've been doing DIY since I was a kid in the 70's self taught, old saying Jack of all trades master of none. But I get the job done.

Dez, 26/06/2023

So far all looks good, only done test runs so need to put it through a tougher test to fully see how it copes.

Mr Dawson, 25/06/2023

Works spot on. Just a shame the blade removing tool is missing. Still waiting after 2 weeks for fox to send me one

Carolyn hayes, 14/06/2023

Easy to use and great value for money


Brought this to replace a 1 year old Clarke Thicknesser which was more expensive but rubbish The Metabo Thicknesser is by far a superior machine

Simon Hutchinson, 31/05/2023

Great customer service, faulty item replaced within 24 hours, brilliant!


Haven't used it much yet, tried it out on a few pieces of timber, and seems to do the job. I hope to use it more in the future.

Patrick Mckinley, 11/04/2023

Excellent machine. Easy to use and set up. great value for money

Terence Morgan, 21/03/2023

Bought this to use with my surface planer to speed up production , so far it has been both excellent and convenient , good build quality , excellent finish with sharp knives , if used properly this machine is very capable, only negative thought ,in my opinion maybe could have put a shut off switch on both sides of machine in case of emergency .

Eugene . Newry, 12/03/2023

Very pleased with quality and design. Stores well. Planes smooth. Delivery fast. Good purchase.

Marion, 11/03/2023

I watched many reviews on YouTube and all were recommending this model. They were right! Very pleased with it, if your in the market for a thicknesser, then you wont go wrong with this one.

Richard Riley, 25/02/2023

Does a great job cleans up old wood great

Mr Raymond Woolf, 14/02/2023

Works well. I have not used other planers to compare it against, but it gives a good finish snipe, not too bad. May be able to adjust infeed/ outfield tables to get this better.

DAVE, 10/02/2023

Great good quality and price really glad I bought it, a little bit heavy hey but on a frame with lockable wheels not a problem.

Dave Parry, 16/12/2022

Does exactly what it says on the website

customer, 25/08/2022

The perfect tool for DIY

paul, 03/08/2022

Much better than the Triton pay the extra few £ it'swell worth it. Ordered at 9:50pm arrived the next day, thanks FFX best service going with no charges.

Graham, 20/07/2022

Exactly what it said on the internet shop, great price well packed very quick delivery (next day) great company to deal with will definitely use

Dave Peach, 30/06/2022

Great service

Robert Baker, 28/06/2022

Very heavy and stable, the quality of planing is excellent highly recommended product and great value from FFX the delivery was astounding

Chris Keeley, 14/06/2022

Have only used it once but it is quieter than my old one which pleases the neighbours. So far it's worked ok, really need to get a couple of years usage out of it before I can give a real opinion.

John Connell, 16/05/2022

Ffx free next day delivery even to the Isle of Wight. What more can you ask.

GEORGE HUETT, 23/03/2022

Excellent quality, a well built and proficient machine which has proved accurate and speedy.

Mr Bennett Bennett, 30/11/2021

Great product, great price, superb service from FFX

andrew newman, 13/11/2021

A beast of a machine. Upgraded my old thicknesser to machine wider 300mm boards and this didn't disappoint.

stephen Waite, 11/11/2021

Nice quality machine, robust and just what I wanted.

Happy of Oxfordshire , 09/11/2021

Good robust planer. Only used it a couple of times, but works well so far. My only comment is that fitting the dust extractor is a bit fiddly and it might prove a challenge not to lose the clamping screws and other parts.

John A, 05/11/2021

Not had much use of it, just used it for sorting out some ash so far and while it struggled, it was more down to me not realising just how tough ash is. Once I started doing half millimetre cuts it went smoothly. Still need to get the feed tables properly aligned to minimise snipe, but what I was getting wasn't too bad. Also had a very smooth finish, better than sanding. Only issue I have is that the weight is a bit too much for lifting up onto my high bench, so need to sort out a cart or something for it and also the space for a cart.

Mr Andrew Rowe, 27/10/2021

Easy to use once set up. Powerful cutting on hardwood.

David Payne, 04/07/2021

Lovely well built easy to use bit of kit - well pleased

Alan, 26/06/2021

Nice bit of kit apart from the electric cable adapter

Kevin, 07/06/2021

Works great.

Guest, 21/04/2021

A no nonsense workhorse

Mick Petts, 07/04/2021

Compact and easy to use

Mark Gaffney, 24/12/2020

Excellent bit of kit

Ian Randell, 03/12/2020

More than expected

Les Willis , 03/12/2020

Quick and exact. The indicator is a bit to enthousiastic, can be it indicates 0,5mm and nothing happens. But, once in the right position is works as can be expected

Ron Messing, 03/12/2020


Ioan Dragan, 18/11/2020

Does what it says on the box

KARL BOOTH, 29/10/2020

Easy to set up and use. Solidly built. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Good product.

Mr Michael Davies, 24/10/2020

Very well built and robust. Good, clear instructions meant I could unpack, install it and use it within minutes. Delighted.

Paul Cornish, 29/07/2020

Good solid built machine. Needs to have uk 3 pin plug fitted as standard on power cable and not the continental plug as supplied

Mr & Mrs Vertigan, 22/07/2020

Great product. Very good workhorse. Quality build.

Mrs Ramsay, 10/03/2020

Sorry unable to rate - I just paid for tool This was not for me

Alyson, 02/03/2020

Great product, easy to use and leaves a super finish.

Mr Charman, 17/12/2019

Virtually no setting up required out of the box. Feels solidly built, nice features and planes well.

Spencer Warhurst, 15/02/2019

good product. great service.

Patrick reavey, 12/09/2018

Good finish on work piece.

Anthony Morgan, 12/03/2018

Excellent planer thicknesser. Usual high quality I expect from Metabo

Matthew Gill, 19/01/2018

Good quality, built to last. Very loud maschine but excellent results. Would buy again!

Jan Laufhuette, 11/08/2017

Good machine but the buying experience was spoilt by not being sent an electric adapter cable which was necessary because it comes with a Euro plug not BS 13A mounded plug. The box had a label on saying that it needed this cable but it was omitted. The machine also needs an adapter for using a vacuum cleaner to suck the chips. This is an accessory and costs you another £6. The courtesy of the sales people is great shame about having to spend time sorting out failings.

Ernest Craggs, 30/06/2017

Great piece of kit makes light work of most woods and even handled baked Maple which is ultra hard, as with all thickness planers of this type, a little Snipe on the harder woods but all in all probably the best value and quality available,

Sue Lefevre, 02/06/2017

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Metabo DH330 240V Bench Thicknesser

£315.83£319.20ex. VAT

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