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Makita DVC750LZ 18V LXT BL L Class Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit

£132.50ex. VAT

The Makita DVC750LZ is an 18V LXT series L-Class approved dust extractor/vacuum cleaner ideal for professional and DIY use. Body Only/Naked machine, supplied without battery or charger.

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Product Details


The Makita DVC750LZ 18V LXT BL L-Class Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit, a versatile and compact vacuum cleaner that is ideal for both professional and DIY use.

Introducing the Makita DVC750LZ 18V LXT BL L-Class Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit, a versatile and compact vacuum cleaner that is ideal for both professional and DIY use. This L-Class approved dust extractor is powered by a brushless, maintenance-free motor and is compatible with Makita 18V LXT batteries, making it a reliable addition to your toolkit.

The DVC750LZ is designed with a foldable handle and a flexible hose, which can be conveniently stored on the tool itself. Its compact size enhances portability, making it easy to carry around and use in various locations. This vacuum cleaner is supplied with a wide nozzle, a crevice nozzle, and a 28mm x 2m hose, providing you with a range of options to suit your cleaning needs.

One of the unique selling points of the DVC750LZ is its dual functionality for both wet and dry use, making it a versatile tool for different cleaning scenarios. Simply remove the filter for wet use. It also features a blower function and a HEPA filter, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

The DVC750LZ also boasts a variable suction power control, allowing you to adjust the power based on your cleaning requirements. With a low noise level, this vacuum cleaner is designed to operate quietly, minimizing disruption in your workspace.

Please note that this product is sold as a bare unit and does not come with a battery or charger. However, it is compatible with Makita batteries and chargers, offering you the flexibility to use existing Makita equipment.

Invest in the Makita DVC750LZ 18V LXT BL L-Class Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit today and experience the convenience and efficiency of this high-quality tool. Purchase today and enjoy the reliability and performance that Makita tools are known for.

Key Features

Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberDVC750LZ

What's in the box

    • 1x DVC750LZ Vacuum Cleaner
    • 1x Wide Nozzle
    • 1x Crevice Nozzle
    • 1x 28mm x 2m Hose
    • Naked Machine / Body Only. Not Supplied With BatteriesCase or a Charger

Product specification of Makita DVC750LZ 18V LXT BL L Class Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit


4.6 / 5

Based on 62 reviews

Great does what it's ment to

Gareth Stewart, 17/11/2023

Providing you keep the filter clean the suction is great, so you do have to keep on top of it! As wet vac superb Don’t know about value for money as I haven’t had it long enough

Nick Angove, 16/07/2023

Very good,

leslie pettet, 19/04/2023

Very good quality

RafalGoles, 22/03/2023

Not a bad little vacuum, no dust shroud for the filter, they are around £16 for basically a cotton sock. Build quality is good.

Richard Roft, 17/02/2023

Good hoover excellent usual quality from Makita

Matt Ridgway, 26/11/2022

Perfect machine

customer, 31/10/2022

Great for dry and wet vac, works even better than I expected.

Liam Spurgeon, 05/09/2022

Awesome item

Shane richards, 30/07/2022

Brilliant bit of kit

MR D R JAY, 20/01/2022

Not very strong, a bit rubbish.

Darryl Cairney, 08/12/2021

Is not so right for working. Not comming with connectors for tools. And cannot fit a bag inside.

Vioras Pbl, 29/10/2021

Amazing bit of kit absolutely perfect hoes could do with being at a bit longer other than that spot-on

Anthony Gunn, 13/09/2021

10/10 product

PJ, 11/09/2021

Very handy size and works well

Alan Morham, 19/07/2021

Great handy hoover for a plumber

Dave lee, 16/07/2021

good for dust extraction

brian henry freeman, 15/07/2021

Eats 5amp batteries

Miss Lisa Nowells, 13/07/2021

Does what it says on the tin

J Hearse, 08/07/2021

Good quality vacuum and very handy, never going to be as powerful as a mains vacuum, but great for a few bits, and good design that all attachments are on the machine

Steven, 04/07/2021

A perfect partner for my bandsaw, drilling and sanding stations and so easy to tote around the workshop…..and to the car as well for the odd clean……Also strongly recommend FFX for their delivery and pricing structure

Ashley Perkins, 03/07/2021


Mr SImon Hunt, 02/07/2021

Good quality, good suction, Pitt the hose isn’t longer.

stannardmichael, 29/06/2021

Powerful but lightweight portable hoover. No replacement bags required, large compartment for dust and dirt etc.

John L, 28/06/2021

That one is very handy , little bit not so power full . But portable and light .

Andras Nagy, 26/06/2021

Very good as regards portability. Lightweight and easy to use. Not quite powerful enough to extract all dust from my makita mitre saw, but takes about 80%. Overall very handy good piece of kit

Rich Gallimore, 25/06/2021

Brilliant - lightweight and powerful. No bag so easy to empty. Filter cleans pretty easily as well with my compressor - really excellent. Hose is a little short but I am sure a longer extension is available somewhere. Doesn't have a brush attachment either but used a spare of another machine.

David Baker, 10/06/2021

It was it is

nathan windeatt, 12/05/2021

Suberb little hoover with great suction, even when sucking up water. Would recommend this to anyone. The only thing that would make this product better is to have a pole so you can use it whilst standing

Joe Frendo, 26/02/2021


Jason Joe Davis, 25/02/2021

Good service great quality

Nathan Reeves, 25/02/2021

So far so good. Good suction, easy to use. Been using to pick up metal swarf from drilling works well

Andrew Hurst, 25/02/2021

Nice Light Portable Vacuum plenty of power & good battery life

David Roberts, 25/02/2021

This vacuum sucks

Adam Hall, 25/02/2021

Good product let down on 2points now the hose is way too short and now I feel a wet filter should be provided with it since its sold as a wet and dry vacuum

Alan Edwards, 23/02/2021

came next day cannot complain at all. good price best i could find no problems no issues perfect service

Marc Thomas, 16/02/2021

FFX the best around 5 star

Customer, 11/02/2021

Excellent, more powerful than the more expensive vacuums, a tad noisy, but very good.

Mr Ron Richardson, 11/02/2021

This is a very good hand extractor for dust

Paul Ganderton, 09/02/2021

Exellent product.

Gareth Williams, 04/02/2021

It does its job but as a vacuum I really expected to clean the floor whilst standing, not on my knees. An extension tube would be great. As an extactor the hose is far too short though the dust removal is pretty good.

PETER J TANNER, 04/02/2021

Well happy with it

chris cullum, 04/02/2021

Great product

paul gunning, 27/11/2020

Very happy with this

Jonathan willcox, 25/11/2020

Awful product from Makita, waste of money

PETER PARRY, 23/11/2020

Wicked little hover 👍

Mr Streeton, 18/11/2020

This is brilliant good power and easy to use.

Simon, 05/11/2020

Perfect and brilliant suction


Good customer service , ordered special filter from Makita that not currently on sale. recommended

ROMAN ZOZULYA, 24/10/2020

Hose should of been a bit longer ,

wayne Huyton, 14/10/2020

It is good, but you do need a few attachments to connect to your power tools. Very handy and does what it says on the tin

Scottie , 14/10/2020

I found the the filter clogged very quickly with an 8' pass on 18mm MDF. There is a pre filter available.. I haven't used it, so this, I can't comment. Potentially this filter may improve performance on extracting MDF...... Suction effectively deals very well with wood shavings and I have used this on the 18V Makita planer with good extraction results , shooting doors in etc.. I do not like the retractable hose because it is too short and restrictive . When attached to the Makita planer it hampers free movement because of the hose recoil and you tend to fight with the hose to keep the planer flat on the surface of the material. I now use a intermediate hose which I have adapted because the nozzle diameter on Makita is unique to Makita and therefore incompatible with other brands.- No surprises there! - In conclusion, this little extractor has proved useful for final clean up with the Makita batterys etc.. and is very effective with the Makita 18V planer .. but this is not a viable replacement for good dust extraction or for serious portable wood working machines - track saws etc.. - and should only be considered for a general clean up and a accessory to Makita planer et al...

John McC, 24/09/2020

Excellent for work. Great value

Anthony Mailer, 16/09/2020

Great better than I expected

Jon , 26/08/2020

This is a fantastic portable dust extraction unit from Makita, the power is great and the two speeds make it even more versatile. Great for attaching to hand tools with the additional attachments

Chris, 26/08/2020


Ian Baughan, 26/08/2020

Great little vacuum being so portable

Lee, 22/08/2020

Another great Makita extra. Got very good power for the price.

Jason Grantham, 19/08/2020

Working very good. Strong with dust and water.

Mr Radoslaw M Szabla, 19/08/2020

Can't fault it yet

Stuart Gill, 19/08/2020

Brilliant little vac, although in the UK they don’t supply any pre filter or dust bag. Would recommend buying a pre filter to stop the HEPA filter blocking up.

Scott Griffiths, 18/02/2020

Great bit of kit, using it for my circular saw and planer. You will have to buy the reducer for them to fit.

Jordan Brassil, 01/07/2019

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Makita DVC750LZ 18V LXT BL L Class Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit

£132.50ex. VAT

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