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Makita DUB185Z 18V LXT Blower/Vacuum Bare Unit

£58.29£61.56ex. VAT

The Makita 18V LXT DUB185 is a cordless blower powered by 18v Li-ion batteries. The blower has a variable speed trigger and three air volume settings to suit the job in hand, low, medium and high. The machine also has a vacuum function which can be used with a dust bag (sold separately).

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Product Details


The Makita DUB185Z 18V LXT Blower/Vacuum Bare Unit, a versatile tool designed to cater to your cleaning needs.

Introducing the Makita DUB185Z 18V LXT Blower/Vacuum Bare Unit, a versatile tool designed to cater to your cleaning needs. This high-performance blower is equipped with a variable speed trigger and three air volume settings - low, medium, and high - to adapt to various tasks at hand.

The DUB185Z stands out with its unique vacuum function, which can be paired with a dust bag (sold separately) for efficient cleanup after a job. This feature makes it an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who value cleanliness and order in their workspace.

The ergonomic soft grip of the Makita DUB185Z ensures comfort during extended use. Its compact and lightweight design allows for single-handed operation, enhancing your efficiency and reducing fatigue. This blower/vacuum unit is designed with a battery protection circuit that safeguards against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

The Makita DUB185Z 18V LXT Blower/Vacuum Bare Unit is sold as a bare unit, with batteries and chargers available for purchase separately. This gives you the flexibility to choose the power source that best fits your needs and preferences.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Makita DUB185Z 18V LXT Blower/Vacuum Bare Unit. Shop now and elevate your cleaning routine with this versatile and reliable tool.

Key Features

Model NumberDUB185Z

What's in the box

    • 1x DUB185 Cordless Leaf Blower
    • 1x Nozzle

Product specification of Makita DUB185Z 18V LXT Blower/Vacuum Bare Unit


4.8 / 5

Based on 55 reviews

Not used yet

Suze W, 21/12/2023

Excellent as always

Guest, 23/11/2023

I can honestly recommend it

Lukasz D, 16/10/2023

Really great use it all the time blowing or hoovering very powerful for a small motor good buy. Plus fast next day delivery. Thanks.

customer, 05/09/2023

Brilliant performance for a small unit. Over the past I’ve been using a Worx mains leaf blower, which although had more than enough power blowing the cuttings and leaves away and including chippings, it was quite cumbersome and heavy, and coping with the long mains lead, got to be a pain. I thought as I have the Makita 18v LX System with a few batteries I would invest in the blower and although originally for workshop use, I gave it a go on the grass cuttings and leaves, and found it perfect, and not dislodging any chippings either. Perfect. Sold the Worx.

Pete, 05/06/2023

Spot on 👍

Andrew, 25/02/2023

Great product. Compact and powerful. Never disappointed with Makita. Can be used as a leaf blower if you have long arms 🤣

Lyndon Beer, 11/11/2022

Very pleased with blower. Not too big but powerful.

Ian Oliver, 18/10/2022

Good blower Well made. I use for cleaning up.

Acorn Property Services, 26/08/2022

Lovely bit of kit! She may be small but she's very powerful and if like me you'd use it for dusting off your tools or workspace when you're done cutting it's so handy to have on the job! Highly recommend

EMILY GLEESON, 03/08/2022

Great bit of kit

Jason , 21/07/2022

A good tool saves starting a compressor up, quick easy just pull the trigger to clear sawdust

Abs building, 31/05/2022

Light weight and powerful

Alan Brown, 09/05/2022

Nice handy bit of kit, reasonable price and small for what it does, so perfect

David Small, 08/05/2022

The machine is good, next day delivery can't fault, customer service don't like being named and shamed -2stars for them

N Shaw, 28/02/2022

Great piece of kit , from cleaning you Makita tools of dust etc from blowing areas clean and dry, a must to add to your Makita collection

Neil Atherton, 23/02/2022

I've got this for my sons birthday. I know he will be delighted with this product. Service was great and delivery was quick

Carole Sutton, 20/02/2022

A great little unit for keeping my bench clean. I even use it to dry the truck after a wash.

Customer, 12/01/2022

You don’t realise how useful until you own one

Jeremy Brown, 02/12/2021

How I’ve managed with out it all these years. Cleans work area down in seconds

Tali Mathias, 01/12/2021

Prompt and fast delivery

Warren Parkin, 16/11/2021

Great device. More power than I was expecting for such a small device. Does not take up much toom

Adrian, 02/11/2021

Good quality tool.

Paul Moller, 01/11/2021

Wanted this for a specific task, can't believe how useful it is, everyone should have one

chris hope, 18/10/2021

Great product very handy tool

Kevin Moffatt, 12/10/2021

Really handy tool, gets rid of dust quickly, 3 speeds and option of vacuum too. Wish I'd got one years ago!

Alex Feher, 10/10/2021

Good tool, fair deal..

Ferencelod Pall, 06/10/2021

Top tool. Use it daily

danny shaw, 02/10/2021

Makita excellent as always

Philip Anderson, 23/09/2021

This is a great little cordless blower. Ideal for a quick tidy up and clean around you work area. For the cost its not bad value for money. I'm sure its not the best available, but so far its been very useful.

Mr DF, 22/09/2021

Useful in certain areas

Mr Jeffrey Skinner, 22/09/2021

Great little blower. Tiny size but so handy. Wish I had bought one years ago

mr jamie fellick, 21/08/2021

Great item... very powerful with 3 settings. ideal for blowing out dust, leaves etc etc round the home, garden and garage. small and lightweight. a great addition to the tool kit.

Russ Doman, 20/08/2021

I using for blowing dust of my van 💨

lukasz folwarski, 08/08/2021


Nathan , 07/07/2021

Perfect for small blowing tasks. light and flexible but still powerful enough. No idea how it will work as a vacuum but it is a tad cumbersome and needs a further extra - a bag.

Customer, 05/07/2021

Ideal for getting into chases for blowing the dust out

Graham Marshall, 16/06/2021

Saw a mate with one, and so I got one as well. On site and on externals its a brilliant bit of kit. Very powerful for the size, and doubles up as a vacuum when dust bag is bought

james rolfe, 26/05/2021

Small and robust. Perfect for cleaning up after you.

Lee Dunn, 25/02/2021

Good item, wasn’t delivered the next day which cheesed me off...

M Holmes Lincolnshire , 10/02/2021

As a Mikita fan this is a great addition to my kit. Small, lightweight yet with 3 speed settings this is sufficiently powerful to clear up quickly after diy jobs. I use in the garage to clear the floor and even on the car exterior after a wash to rapid dry difficult to reach areas! Great value.

Neil Sturgeon, 06/02/2021

Its not hugely powerful but this is what I was looking for. Ideal for clearing up around the job site and workshop. Lasts a fiar time with a 5ah battery. Great for clearing mess before installing cabinats

Ken , 04/02/2021

Compact blower. Good quality and balanced feel. Powerful for its size.

dolphingrey, 31/12/2020

Great tool for dust removal

Paul harris, 28/12/2020

Just the job

JAMIE BROOK, 24/12/2020

Great for small jobs

ANDREW WHEELER, 24/12/2020

Very handy with being smaller but just as powerful as bigger units

Wayne Drewery, 24/12/2020

Another good product & service Fromm ffx

Iwan Williams, 24/12/2020

It’s really tiny. But very effective

Alan Hopkins, 24/12/2020

Handy bit of kit to have on the van

Ian , 24/12/2020

Love it, love it

customer, 24/12/2020

Dust bag advertised by Makita was not in stock anywhere

Albert Stevens, 24/12/2020

Brilliant bit of kit!

Shaun Rebello, 24/12/2020

Great blower although I use it mainly as an inflator and it’s better than any inflator I’ve used before.

John, 24/12/2020

Does exactly what I need it to do

David Matthews , 02/12/2020

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Makita DUB185Z 18V LXT Blower/Vacuum Bare Unit

£58.29£61.56ex. VAT

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