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Makita DC18RD 240V 14.4-18V LXT Twin Port Charger

£82.50ex. VAT

This two port fast charger is able to charge two Makita slide style Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries (with adapter) at the same time, as fast as DC18RC charges one battery making it ideal for work on a professional jobsite.

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Product Details


The Makita DC18RD 240V 14.4

The Makita DC18RD 240V 14.4-18V LXT Twin Bay Charger is a must-have for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts who use Makita cordless power tools. This charger ensures that your batteries are not only fully charged but also operating at their peak performance. The DC18RD can charge two 3Ah batteries in just 22 minutes, and its LED charging display allows you to monitor the charging progress effortlessly.

This charger also features a sound alert that notifies you when the batteries are fully charged. To prolong your batteries' service life, the DC18RD is equipped with a forced cooling system to prevent overheating and an electronic current limiter to avoid overload.

Key features of the Makita DC18RD include overload protection, the ability to charge two batteries simultaneously, and an LED charge display. It is designed to charge a range of batteries from 14.4V to 18V.

The Makita DC18RD offers quick charge times for various battery capacities: two 18V 3Ah batteries in 22 minutes, two 18V 4Ah batteries in 36 minutes, and two 18V 5Ah batteries in 45 minutes.

This charger is sold as a single unit, ensuring you have the power you need when you need it. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of Makita and purchase the DC18RD 240V 14.4-18V LXT Twin Bay Charger today.

Key Features

Model NumberDC18RD
Spec Highlighttwin bay

What's in the box

    • 1 x DC18RD 240V 14.4-18V LXT Twin Port Charger

Product specification of Makita DC18RD 240V 14.4-18V LXT Twin Port Charger


4.8 / 5

Based on 30 reviews

Only used it a couple of times but it charges pretty quick and obviously with 2 batteries at a time you dont have to wait around for a battery to charge

Ray Richardson, 11/12/2023

Double charger at last lol very handy

Mr David McDermott, 29/09/2023

load of rubbish came with a broken plug emailed straight away with pictures ffx told me only way is to book the courier in to collect then after countless emails back and fort (as i cant be sat at home waiting for them to collect)they agreed to post a bag out so i can post it back nearly 2 weeks after purchase nothing here even had to go screwfix to buy one to get me by

LUKE MORGAN, 17/07/2023

The best there is

george pacifico, 06/03/2023

Works well, fan is a bit noisy but keeps the batteries cool I guess

Eoin OSullivan, 26/02/2023

A great Dual port charger to replace my old one. Unfortunately doesn’t have the usb port for phone charging anymore😖

Simon Young, 24/02/2023

Excellent rapid delivery

Kevin Wilkinson, 19/02/2023

Always good to have 2 batterys charging

Mr Webb, 13/02/2023

Great charger at a good price

richard banyard, 28/01/2023

With this type of product it is not really possible to rate it until one has had it a considerable time. It was bought on the name as Makita has a good reputation. The 5 stars is given on the order processing and delivery.

Clive Bower, 17/01/2023

Charges quickly

VC Saver, 11/01/2023

Bought it for my son as I don’t use makita but he’s well happy

JIM LOTT, 03/12/2022

Great piece of kit..chunky, reliable and charges fast.. makita over dewalt all the way

Ozy Dee, 03/12/2022

Fantastic. Quick service . Many tanks

Steven dreyer, 02/12/2022

Very good impressed

phillip, 13/09/2022

Excellent battery charger my 3rd one now!!!.

ALEX MEAD, 05/11/2021

Does what it says on the tin, double charger with one lead and one plug, much better than taking up sockets on site with 2 plugs on two chargers

Marcus Akid, 15/08/2021

Great product and an amazing service.

Nathaniel, 12/06/2021

It is fast compared to the single unit charger.

Tony, 03/12/2020

Brilliant, Does exactly what it should


Very good and quick at charging.

Gareth Cummins, 22/10/2020

Very well priced and great product


Absolute must for keeping your batteries topped up while on big jobs

Matt Ridgway, 23/09/2020

Bulky compared to the single charger but handy when you have a big job. Especially on high load tools like angle grinders where you need to change battery frequently. I've still got my single charger packed away in my drill box for regular jobs.

Phil Hawkes, 18/09/2020

Great bit of kit if you have lots of batteries. Quick charge time.

mufaddal, 16/09/2020

Does what it says on the tin

Andy M, 21/12/2019

Excellent product

Chris Davies, 17/12/2019

Fast charge speed & quality piece of kit

Mr Ben Lovell, 17/12/2019

Fan assistance on one side all the time, but great value for money

Jordan bartkiw, 15/11/2019

Excellent rapid charge, essential when you have 20 batteries.

chris dannatt, 26/07/2019

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Makita DC18RD 240V 14.4-18V LXT Twin Port Charger

£82.50ex. VAT

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