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Kreg KHI-HINGE-INT Concealed Hinge Jig

£26.88ex. VAT

The KREG 377224 Concealed Hinge Jig KHI-HINGE. Easy-to-use jig allows drilling of cup holes for concealed cabinet door hinges (Euro hinges)

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Product Details


The Kreg KHI-HINGE-INT Concealed Hinge Jig, a tool that combines convenience and accuracy for all your cabinet door hinge installations.

Introducing the Kreg KHI-HINGE-INT Concealed Hinge Jig, a tool that combines convenience and accuracy for all your cabinet door hinge installations. This easy-to-use jig allows you to drill cup holes for concealed cabinet door hinges, also known as Euro hinges, using just a drill.

The Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig stands out for its accurate hinge positioning, made possible by its indexing tabs. It also features built-in measuring scales, ensuring repeatable results every time you use it. With a bit guide and stop collar, this jig guarantees reliable drilling, making your work more efficient and precise.

The adjustable cams are another unique feature of this jig, ensuring the proper hinge offset for a perfect fit. To top it all off, the Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig comes with a durable carbide-tipped drill bit, designed to withstand repeated use without losing its sharpness or efficiency.

Whether you're a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, the Kreg KHI-HINGE-INT Concealed Hinge Jig is a trustworthy and practical tool that will make your cabinet installations easier and more accurate. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your tool collection - purchase today for quality and reliability you can count on.

Key Features


What's in the box

    • Concealed Hinge Jig KHI-HINGE

Product specification of Kreg KHI-HINGE-INT Concealed Hinge Jig


4.9 / 5

Based on 61 reviews

A well made tool that made fitting the hinges very easy. I practiced on some scrap wood first before risking the doors. Absolutely no problems after that.

Graeme Batchelor, 29/09/2023


Darren Boxall, 05/06/2023

Good service

Annabelle MacCormick, 31/03/2023

I can't fault it to be honest, drills nice clean holes, clearing debris out of the jig can be a bit fiddly, but after a bit of practice I found a way to speed it up.

Richard P, 27/03/2023

It's OK i guess, the forstner bit isn't very sharp as I would have expected took a good while to drill in mdf, and a little bit plasticky for my liking considering the price.

Kwackerz, 25/12/2022

It's good. Does what you expect it to do - very simple to use, quick, and has good quality Sharpe forstener drill bit,.or hinge cutting drill bit. Fast delivery, package came the next day. Just a bit expensive for the person who is only going to use it once on one time project.

Reuben, 12/12/2022

Simple and easy to use

Eamon Gallagher, 03/12/2022

Good product

Keith Williams, 29/08/2022

looks good but the pilot holes for the drill to mark screw holes would be better with metal guide bushes. these will be prone to wear

derek gilchrist, 03/07/2022

Good quality and easy to use.

Graham Radcliffe, 25/05/2022

Spot on despite looking like something that was made by Fisher Price! If you only make a handful of cabinets a year this little jig is ideal. It’s really simple to use and gives great results

Mr Simon Liu, 19/04/2022

Good jig but hinge screw pilot drill holes are not suitable for all hinges. I used hafele slide on full overlay hinge. Holes do not match. Everything else pretty good.

Gingertom, 27/02/2022

Great piece of kit, no messing easy set up would highly recommend

Chris Chatfield, 18/02/2022

Did the job.

ROBERT FISHER, 08/02/2022

Excellent tool, easy to use

Paul, 25/01/2022

Great product just what I was looking for!

Greg and thanks for your order, 29/11/2021

Good quality and easy to use.

Mr Merdan Nuryyev, 14/11/2021

Easy to use and a must to have in the tool box.

M B, 13/11/2021

Great bit of kit for cutting kitchen hinges out . Easy to set up and use

customer, 07/11/2021

This is a quality item. I have bought a few of these drill bits and this is the best quality to date it drilled multiple doors and did not blunt at all. The Jig itself is very sturdy and easy to use. I bought another one of these drill bits for future use separately because I was so impressed with it

JASON ALLMAN, 16/10/2021

Krefeld is always good quality, a bit expensive but you get what you pay for.

Mark Savage, 17/09/2021

Does what it says on the tin

Essex-bathrooms , 04/09/2021

Great product, great price. The Kreg KHI-HINGE-INT Concealed Hinge Jig worked well.

Russell Codling, 14/08/2021

Wicked bit of kit, works as it should and saves me a load of time very happy with purchase

A P Installations, 14/07/2021

Excellent piece of kit, accurate for all the hinges I’ve done so far, easy to use and sturdy

Mark Stevens, 08/06/2021

Makes installing hinges very easy

Steve Wells, 28/05/2021

I bought this to fit some concealed hinges on some fridge/freezer cabinet doors. A really simple but very accurate tool. I first practiced on a piece of scrap wood before attempting the final doors. It was going to be an expensive mistake if I got my measurements wrong. I was really impressed with the simplicity of the design and how easy it was to use. The photo is of my practice piece trying different measurements from the door edge. Buy one you won’t regret it.

Neville Carson, 13/05/2021

Brilliant bit of kit

Nick hooper, 05/05/2021

Great bit of kit

Christine Morley, 10/03/2021

Good service

Paul Banton, 04/03/2021

Very good product sturdy hopefully last a while

Mr Kevin Bone, 17/02/2021

Speeds up fitting of kitchen cabinet door massively. Very accurate as long as you remember to measure correctly and mark the jig yourself as hinges should be fitted at 97.5mm from top and bottom not 100mm as shown on the instructions.

M Taylor, 16/02/2021

Very good.

Dave , 04/02/2021

Good piece of kit for money

Norman, 04/02/2021

Like all keg it just plastic. The hole cut is spot on and easy to use. The 2 screw holes do not line up with the catch so don’t bother to drill them with the jig. Drill them after.

Robert Newman, 28/01/2021

Perfect job first time

Amanda Murch, 31/12/2020

This is a very simple but precise jig that allows multiple repetitive placing of holes for drawer and door handles. Totally removes the need for those home made efforts that are never quite right. Great jig

Jed Evans, 24/12/2020

Great product

Shaun Rebello, 24/12/2020

Works well

mr n ames, 24/12/2020

Great product easy to use

Jackie Slater, 24/12/2020

Excellent tool, easy to use

Jackie Middleton, 25/11/2020

Happy with the product.

Mr S E Rouse, 04/11/2020

Great time saver when you have a few hinges to fit but the depth stop is the best feature

Steve Prentice, 28/10/2020

Great product easy to use. Typical Kreg

chris bond, 14/10/2020

Excellent piece of kit. Been looking for jig like this for year's. Means I'll never have to make a jig again. Often looked at jigs, but for what you were getting, they always seemed to be extortionate in price. This is well made and a good price. It has it is a simple design, and when clamped in place, gives a stable, accurate base to work from.

Boots, 30/09/2020

Simple to use and does exactly what's required.

David Clark, 30/09/2020

easy to use very accurate delivered next day

Keith Jebb, 10/08/2020

Owing to covid 19 I've not got around to using it yet , however I did watch more than one video on YouTube before my purchase . From comments made by the professionals reviewing the item I think I made the right choice.

Mr G Malsher, 23/03/2020

Makes hinge cutting easy

Geraint Hobbs, 02/03/2020

Very nice

Ivan Nikolov, 27/02/2020

Makes the job so easy

Steve White, 24/02/2020

There are a bunch of Chinese clones on eBay at half the price, but I've been caught like that before. The kreg jig works perfectly, the micro-adjustment does what its supposed to, and the cutter is sharp, leaving a clean hole. That said, it is a bit pricey.

Brian Thomson, 13/01/2020

great little jig

woodworker and designer Tom Provost, 30/11/2019

Easy to use. Gets ur hinges accurate and neat every time. 👍🏻 Peace ✌🏼 John the Joiner 🔨

John the Joiner 🔨 , 29/11/2019

Great little jig which saved me the cost of the jig in one job (20 kitchen doors at £2.00 pound a hole 40 holes). very easy to use and set up, the dial space indicator set to 6 for blum 100 hinges, the drill I used was Makita with 1.5 amp batt set to 1, the 35mm drill bit felt blunt at first but as the blue coating came off it got better. make sure you take the time to cool cutter and it works well, when cutting I found it was just as easy to lift drill guide off and empty ( I used vac to clean out hole). top tip line out door with light pencil mark longer then the width of jig then use mark on jig to line and clamp down your ready to drill.

robert simmons, 10/08/2019

Easy to use with good results

Dean, 29/05/2019

Great little tool should have bought one a long time ago

mike tutin, 13/04/2019

Used this Kreg hing jig twice now well worth the money and great service with FFX once again

Mr Martin Butcher, 28/09/2018

A+++ just what I was looking for

Paul Walker, 26/02/2018

Thought it was going to be a novelty, works a treat and speeds up the process , perfect every time

Eliot Turner, 02/02/2018

Good price, quick delivery, happy customer

Charlie, 08/09/2017

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Kreg KHI-HINGE-INT Concealed Hinge Jig

£26.88ex. VAT

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