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HiKOKI KTN218S 18V 2x5.0Ah Twin Nailer Kit

£678.29ex. VAT

The Hikoki model KTN218S/JJZ is a 18V 2x5.0Ah Twin Nailer Kit , ideal for trade professionals. The HiKOKI brand replaces Hitachi Power Tools.

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Product Details


The HiKOKI KTN218S 18V 2x5.0

Introducing the HiKOKI KTN218S 18V 2x5.0Ah Twin Nailer Kit, an exceptional tool set designed for trade professionals. This kit is a testament to the quality and reliability that HiKOKI, formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools, consistently delivers.

The KTN218S kit includes the NR1890DBCL framing nailer and the NT1865DBSL 16G finish nailer, both of which are designed for high performance and efficiency. These nailers drive nails at a rapid pace, with zero ramp-up time and quick response time between drives, ensuring your work is completed swiftly and accurately.

The NR1890DBCL drives 1.5 to 2 nails per second and can handle nail lengths from 50mm to 90mm. The NT1865DBSL, on the other hand, drives 3 nails per second and accommodates nail lengths from 25mm to 65mm. Both nailers offer low-recoil, ensuring consistent nail setting without the discomfort of heavy kickbacks.

These nailers are designed to perform optimally even in challenging conditions, maintaining consistent performance at low temperatures or high altitudes. They also offer the advantage of no combustion noise and no gas fumes, providing a more comfortable and healthier working environment.

The kit comes complete with two 5.0Ah batteries, a UC18YFSL charger, and a carrying case for the NR1890 Framing Nailer. This ensures you have everything you need to get started on your projects right away.

Experience the difference of a truly quality tool with the HiKOKI KTN218S 18V 2x5.0Ah Twin Nailer Kit. Purchase today and elevate your work to new levels of efficiency and precision.

Key Features

Model NumberKTN218S

What's in the box

    • 1 x NR1890DBCL framing nailer
    • 1 x NT1865DBSL 16G finish nailer
    • 2 x 5.0Ah batteries
    • 1 x UC18YFSL charger
    • 1 x Carrying case for the NR1890 Framing Nailer

Product specification of HiKOKI KTN218S 18V 2x5.0Ah Twin Nailer Kit

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HiKOKI KTN218S 18V 2x5.0Ah Twin Nailer Kit

£678.29ex. VAT

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