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Fiskars FSK1023624 PowerGear Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86

£83.29ex. VAT

The 32mm 6m Telescopic Tree Pruner FSK1023624 is an ideal telescopic tree pruner for trade professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. This is a single pruner, supplied on its own.

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Product Details


The Fiskars FSK1023624 PowerGear Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86, a versatile tool that is perfect for both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Introducing the Fiskars FSK1023624 PowerGear Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86, a versatile tool that is perfect for both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This pruner is designed to provide an extended reach for cutting fresh wood up to 32mm in diameter, making it an ideal tool for maintaining tree crowns and dense bushes.

The FSK1023624 stands out with its adjustable telescopic shaft, which can be extended from 2.4m to 4m. This feature, combined with a 230-degree adjustable cutting head, allows for a maximum reach of 6m. This impressive reach means you can trim overhead without the need for a ladder, or at ground level without having to bend or kneel, making your gardening tasks easier and more efficient.

Comfort is also a key feature of this pruner, with durable soft-grip handles and a non-slip base ensuring optimal comfort and reduced fatigue during use. The pruner also includes an orange cutting support for added visibility, enhancing your accuracy and safety while working.

The Fiskars FSK1023624 PowerGear Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86 is sold as a single unit, weighing a manageable 1900g. Purchase today and experience the difference this high-quality, reliable, and accessible tool can make in your gardening tasks.

Key Features

Model NumberFSK1023624
Product Typeshears

What's in the box

    • 1 x 32mm 6m Telescopic Tree Pruner

Product specification of Fiskars FSK1023624 PowerGear Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86


4.8 / 5

Based on 110 reviews

Very good service, prompt delivery and good value.

JANET, 01/01/2024

Fabulous garden tool and has a great reach for them far away branches that causes a nuisance and no need fir a ladder. Excellent quality great value and very sturdy.

Jacqui Lock, 19/12/2023

Product is as expected as I’ve had a couple. The delivery service inside 24hrs was exceptional.

Russ Armstrong, 15/12/2023

Very useful tool for reaching the higher branches. Works very well. This is the second one I have bought.

Ian from Kent, 13/12/2023

Well designed, works really well with a good long reach and not heavy so easy to use, well happy.

Mr Derek Smith, 04/12/2023

It works well for thin branches but anything over 2cm is hard work. Great for reaching high branches. Made pruning climbing roses a doddle.

R PEDLER, 04/12/2023

Not used it much but seems fine so far. Innovative design. Bought with attachable pruning saw which is a bit flexible but ok if you remember to cut on the pull stroke.

B Crossley, 03/12/2023

Great quality, easy to use and adjust length to your requirements.

Steve Mcloughlin, 02/12/2023

Arrived late and unusable due to being bent.

Linda Proctor, 19/11/2023

Excellent product. Thanks

Eve Muir, 08/11/2023

This is a great device for pruning tree branches. It is lighter than the Wolf Garten.

Mr David Bryce, 05/11/2023

Nice and easy to use. Not too heavy either.

Barbara Roberts, 04/11/2023

Look, no string! The irritating problem of regular entanglement and associated wrestling and wrenching of the rope that many extending pruners employ is bypassed (oops, pun) by the clever internal webbing strap and bike chain (didn't expect to see that!) system. Brilliant tool with massive extension height. Clever bright orange silicone guide finger. Well made like all Fiskars gear. Superb with matching saw - buy one! Complaining about the length of it when stored seems a bit unfair and missing the point....it's really good because it's very long, for goodness' sake!

Ross , 30/10/2023

You get what you pay four really well made & easy to use worth the money

Mr kevin wells, 29/10/2023

Very impressed with the capabilities of this tool. Has already proved to be invaluable and worked off the ground where a ladder would have been necessary before I bought this. Highly recommended 👍 And, of course, the usual prompt service and delivery from FFX😉

Raymond D, 26/10/2023

The product is great, does what its supposed to and is a marginal improvement over its previous iteration the UP86 ( wrecked mine) however the service was poor and it took over a week to arrive.

Steve Moles, 25/10/2023

this is a brilliant tool i love working with it and its good exercise

philprice, 12/10/2023

excellent reach and goes through branches like butter

Paul Lewis, 12/10/2023

Very good

Mr Lee Butler, 26/09/2023

Blade is quite thin and wobbly. Attachment is plastic.. and looks vulnerable for the work it has to do? Expected a sturdier product.

Luke Shepherd, 16/09/2023

Easy to use, has a good reach and feels solid. Works well.

LINDA BRIDGES, 29/08/2023

Did exactly what is says and the newer version is much better than the older model. Great price and fast delivery. Will be using FFX in the future.

Stewart, 28/08/2023

Great tool, easy to use. Great length for long reach. No rope to get tangled in tree. Not cheap but great quality product that saves times when lopping trees. Very pleased I bought it!

Neil Craig, 27/08/2023

Excellent,easy to use ,reaches really high into the tree.Quality product,very well made.

Mrs Kathleen Roberts, 15/08/2023

Robust piece of kit. Able to reach branches without needing a ladder. Easy to operate - even though on the heavy side when fully extended.

Phil, 10/08/2023

A brilliant device. Sturdy, excellent reach, cleverly rotational and very sharp.

Edward, 10/08/2023

Really good, sturdy piece of gardening equipment that makes tree pruning so much easier.

Sharon Wain, 30/07/2023

So far, this product has proved just right for my need

Peter , 26/07/2023

Very well made and easy to use, lightweight considering up to 4 m long. Cutting blades very sharp and only require small amount of force to cut. Good price ion ffx site.

Jonathan Newman, 26/07/2023

Does exactly what it's supposed to do!

Frank Thumwood, 23/07/2023

High quality tool with great reach and easy cutting of small branches.

J Rodwell, 01/07/2023

Great piece of kit

Graham Johnson, 16/04/2023

5 star so far. Not magic but big reach and easy to use. Long term strength and reliability remains to be seen but I'm glad I bought it.

john jones, 01/03/2023

Very easy to use, cuts through good sized branches with ease

Chris Richmond, 11/01/2023

Excellent product, did what I needed it to do and that is reach across very wide hedge to cut bits that couldn't be reached by hedge trimmer.

Stephen Ticehurst, 27/11/2022

Advantage of product is its length. The price here is very competitive.

Joan, 05/11/2022

Excellent product

Mr Spendiff, 30/10/2022

so easy to use.no large spring and support sticking out to catch on surrounding branches,great extention and so light to use,a bit pricey to buy but you get what you pay for

Mr m wyatt, 01/10/2022

Brilliant pruners. Great quality. Amazingly quick delivery.

A fan, 28/09/2022

Superb tool. Worth every penny.

brenda, 04/09/2022

Great cutting tool best i have tried pitty the end of the handle falls off

Ian Page, 24/07/2022

Fantastic bit of kit, highly recommended.

Len Piper, 05/06/2022

Nice bit of kit , reasonable price, fast shipping, I use to cut the seed pods off the palm trees

Jay Hamon, 12/05/2022

Only used for a very short time, but the build quality seems very good.

Mr Ashvin Patel, 05/05/2022

Superb reach, easy to use and it’s very well made. Light to use.

JP, 22/02/2022

Great product, easy to use and light for its overall reach

Carl Francis, 13/02/2022

Excellent product with good reach

Martin, 28/01/2022

Very happy with the product.

Tom Couch, 27/12/2021

Excellent delivery timing

Philip Davies, 08/12/2021

Excellent product. Used successfully for pruning large old fruit trees. Highly recommended.

Richard M, 05/12/2021

Excellent product when new but the string breaks over time and can never seem to get them working as good after that as complicated to repair and then never seem as good as new, although we do work them hard.

Glenda Kenward, 29/11/2021

Previous lopper with exposed rope/pulley mechanism was always tangling in hedge so this model is far superior.

Stephen Siuda, 26/11/2021

Great Product, initially seem a bit expensive when compared to some other brands, but you get what you pay for and these are definitely quality through & through. Strong and easy to operate, spares readily available although I don't think they'll be needed for sometime & a 25 year manufacturers guarantee. Glad I bit the bullet and splashed out that little bit more on these, well worth the money.

RSM, 25/11/2021

I was looking for a high reach pruner that did not use cord to operate. This suits my requirements perfectly, and although somewhat more expensive than other makes it is well made and cuts branches very easily. The extended reach makes it very suitable for cutting up to 4 metres and the pole is not too heavy or unwieldy to use.

Mr P Stoker, 13/11/2021

Fantastic branch cutter,really good for cutting hard to get branches,very easy to use,brilliant product.

simonzx10, 06/11/2021

Costly, but really good build quality.

Robertas Ulevicius, 04/11/2021

I have trimmed 2ash trees with this trimmer it was light weight and had a long reach did a very good job and after getting a quote for the trimming of the 2 trees saved £100 very good.Also prompt delivery.

Alan, 04/11/2021

Very well made the adjustment mechanism to the blade can sometimes be difficult to move.

ANTHONY WILCOX, 22/10/2021

A great tool to trim tall trees

Mr Richards, 16/10/2021

Had before always good

James Hollands, 09/10/2021

I found this tool to be a great purchase. I personally would cut any branches larger than 20mm. Fantastic reach not too heavy although difficult to see the cutting head at full extension. All in all thumbs up.

Paul, 17/09/2021

Great reach but handle needs constant adjustment for different heights. Not really suitable for those who are not fit as very tiring if used for long periods.

Bob C, 14/09/2021

Excellent products, can access branches that were out of reach with other similar products. Very solid and durable.

Mr. Montes, 12/09/2021

A top quality product, much better than the loppers that I had previously. They are easier to manage without a cord getting tangled up in branches. The one slight drawback is that they are not so easy to control when fully extended but I am sure this will become easier with practice.

Paul of Lytham, 11/09/2021

This product replaced a very old-fashioned wooden device I had previously. It has amazing reach and plenty of cutting power. Really pleased with it.

Mr Gavin Jones, 08/09/2021

We’ve only used it to trim a few things so far, lovely smooth action and good quality piece of equipment. It reaches 6 m, quite a heavy piece of equipment for my wife, but fine for me. Looking forward to cutting all the brambles out of the tree later in the year.

Sharon Brooks, 02/09/2021

Very good and easy to use but quite good upper body strength needed when fully extended

Martyn R, 31/08/2021

Well made, excellent reach, very sharp.

Robin, 31/08/2021

Easy to use. Cut very nicely for pruning pine trees. Useful reuse packaging to protect the cutter head. No hassle next day prompt delivery FFX. Recommended!

Felicity, 30/08/2021

Very efficient tool, and easy to use. The telescopic extension makes cutting trees so much easier.

Sue W, 29/08/2021

Nicely made and reasonably easy to operate once you get the hang of it and don't try to cut anything too thick.

James Cope, 26/08/2021

delivery on time

Richard Wood, 20/08/2021

Works very well. I love the product.

Susan Fallows, 19/08/2021

Excellent cutter without any ropes getting tangled up in the tree/shrubs ! Would recommend it with such an extended reach.

Mr T Halford, 17/08/2021

This kit is lightweight, strong, easy to use, and very long. There are some really useful design features, like the integral chain pulley at the head, that are the kind of features you should expect for this price range equipment. I would highly recommend it if you have tall, but still young enough, trees to cut or keep in shape.

Keir, 13/08/2021

Excellent tools and same with service given

Mr Charles McEvoy, 12/08/2021

Works well with out pulling hard so even elderly people can use it.

R Stuart, 10/08/2021

By far the best tree pruner for dealing with high branches. Ingenious but simple means of operation. High quality construction as usual with Fiskars products.

Mr. Robin Kennard, 04/08/2021

This tree pruner has a good long handle (4 metres) so with suitable ladders and your own reach has a very acceptable long reach for pruning tree branches etc. Very pleased with this tool.

Mr Anthony Bullock, 30/07/2021

Does just as it says

Anne Hope, 27/07/2021

A very useful product with improvements over the original version

Phillip , 26/07/2021

Good service. The pruner is very easy to use, but I don't feel confident to force it to cut very thick branches as claimed. The flexible position head is a very helpful feature.

Derek Flower, 22/07/2021

Good product and prompt service.

Mal Ratnam, 18/07/2021

Excellent tool. A little pricey

William, 15/07/2021

Did what I asked of it cuts a good inch.

stephen cadle, 14/07/2021

Great product and brilliant quality as always from Fiskars. Just check the size and make sure you really need a pruner this big!

Paul Roberts, 07/07/2021

Good price, better than Amazon.

Keith Stadler, 25/06/2021


Terry Lee, 12/06/2021

With this lopper you can certainly reach high branches (up to about 6 metres/20ft) without using a ladder, which saves time and reduces the danger of using a ladder when pruning trees. It is easy to use and will cut branches up to about 30mm diameter, as the literature states. I found it easier with some tree species and harder with others, which might be expected. I did find the orange plastic knob at the base sometimes comes off while using the lopper, which was a bit annoying, but otherwise it was very useful, and it cuts very smoothly.

Nick Taylor, 07/04/2021

A little heavier than previous versions, and with a narrower mouth, but the reach is still in a class of its own.

ALIANV , 07/04/2021

Just what we needed to easily and efficiently cut high branches Highly recommended Arrived quickly and well packaged

Naismith, 31/03/2021

This does exactly what it claims to do. It reaches high into the trees and cuts branches cleanly. It wasn't cheap, in my view, but it was worth the money. It's saved me hiring tree surgeons and it will do the job again next year. You do need strong arms and shoulders to use it for continuous periods though!! But I am very pleased with it.

Ian Fleming, 24/03/2021

Excellent tool. Expensive but worth it for ease of use.

Vinny Sinclair , 17/03/2021

Excellent product, good quality

Martin Huggins, 30/09/2020

The pruner is sometimes very stiff to elongate, as if the tape gets trapped inside, other than that it cuts fine, its manageable at full length.

Steve Goring, 16/09/2020

Upgrade to my old long reach pruner that snapped. This one is more robust.

James Williams, 10/08/2020

Great on branches bit trickier on very high with thin branches.


Product is excellent, it’s light, sharp and very easy to use. Highly recommend

Mrs Walesby, 27/07/2020

Well made, easy to use, good long reach, clean cutting action.

Joyce , 22/07/2020

These are a bit pricey but I’ve used them since I started my business and you can buy a better bit of kit than this for the job.

John, 24/02/2020

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Fiskars FSK1023624 PowerGear Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86

£83.29ex. VAT

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