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Festool TCL6 240v 10.8-18v Rapid Charger

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Festool TCL 6 240v 10.8-18v Rapid Charger

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Product Details


The Festool TCL 6 240v 10.8

Introducing the Festool TCL 6 240v 10.8-18v Rapid Charger, a new generation Li-Ion rapid charger that stands as a testament to quality and reliability. This charger is designed to meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering a higher charging current compared to its predecessor, the TCL 3. This results in a reduced charging time of up to 50%, ensuring your tools are ready when you are.

The Festool TCL 6 is versatile, capable of charging all 10.8 - 18 V battery packs, including NiCd and NiMH Festool batteries. This means you can keep all your Festool tools powered up with just one charger, making it a practical and cost-effective choice.

One of the unique selling points of this charger is its sensible storage design. It features a secure cord holder, making it easy to store without tangling cords. This space-saving feature makes it an ideal choice for those with limited workspace.

The Festool TCL 6 Rapid Charger is not just a tool; it's a solution to your charging needs, offering speed, versatility, and convenience. It's a testament to Festool's commitment to providing quality, reliable, and accessible tools to professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Purchase today and experience the difference in charging efficiency and convenience.

Key Features

Model NumberTCL6
Spec Highlightsingle bay

Product specification of Festool TCL6 240v 10.8-18v Rapid Charger


5 / 5

Based on 11 reviews

Well built, quiet, neat functions and its quite small compared to other brand chargers.

LEE KNIGHTS, 19/10/2023


Mr Mariusz, 19/08/2023

Build quality is super.

Colin, 25/11/2022

Excellent value


Unbelievable price, Fantastic FFX.

Mr Gene Cranch, 26/06/2022

Great piece of kit. Great price. Great delivery time. Could not ask for more. Thanks

Richard Rees, 26/06/2022

Super quick charger

Vincent Green, 25/06/2022

excellent quality


Excellent charger, fast too!

Diogo De Freitas, 28/03/2022

Brilliant fast charger thanks

Collin Wood, 21/01/2022

Fantastic charger

Simon Phillip Nash, 08/11/2019

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Festool TCL6 240v 10.8-18v Rapid Charger

£56.63£56.76ex. VAT

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