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Festool FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop

£129.13ex. VAT

The Festool FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop designed for use with the ISC 240 Insulation Saw. Supplied with stop ruler and adjustable stop.

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Product Details


The Festool FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop, a tool designed for precision and efficiency.

Introducing the Festool FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop, a tool designed for precision and efficiency. This product is specifically designed for use with the ISC 240 Insulation Saw, making it an essential accessory for professionals working with insulation materials.

The FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop is perfect for cutting flexible mineral and natural fibre insulating materials, as well as PUR insulating materials with precise angles. When used in conjunction with the Festool guide rail, it enables reproducible cuts with exact angles, enhancing the accuracy and quality of your work.

The unique features of this product include the ability for fixed cuts that can be reset using the scale and end stop, ensuring consistency across multiple cuts. The angle stop can be mounted on the guide rail without the use of tools, making it a practical and convenient addition to your tool kit.

Additionally, the FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop offers a transport position for compact transport when connected to the guide rail, making it easy to carry and store. This product comes with a stop ruler and adjustable stop, and is supplied in a carton for secure delivery.

Experience the precision and reliability of Festool products. Purchase the FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop today and elevate your craftsmanship to new heights.

Key Features

Model NumberFS-WA-ISC

What's in the box

    • stop ruler
    • adjustable stop
    • in carton

Product specification of Festool FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop

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Festool FS-WA-ISC Angle Stop

£129.13ex. VAT

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