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Festool CTMMIDIIGB240V 240V 15L M-Class Mobile Dust Extractor

£499.13ex. VAT

The Festool CTM MIDI I GB 240V CLEANTEC is an M CLass Mobile Dust Extractor. Ideal for mobile use in service and installation work and for final cleaning, On-site extraction for electric power tools for minor or brief sanding, routing, sawing and drilling work.

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Product Details


The Festool CTMMIDIIGB240V 240V 15L M-Class Mobile Dust Extractor, a must-have for professional carpenters, kitchen fitters, and fabricators.

Introducing the Festool CTMMIDIIGB240V 240V 15L M-Class Mobile Dust Extractor, a must-have for professional carpenters, kitchen fitters, and fabricators. This high-performance dust extractor is designed to maintain a clean and safe work environment, effectively eliminating harmful particles that can arise during woodworking or metalworking tasks.

The Festool Dust Extractor boasts a maximum volume flow of 3700l/min and a maximum vacuum of 2400Pa, ensuring quick and efficient cleaning. Its SELFCLEAN filter bag is economical and with a generous 15-litre capacity, frequent emptying is not a concern.

This product stands out with its integrated Bluetooth technology, allowing the extractor to be started remotely for your convenience. It also features touch operation for intuitive control. The extractor is suitable for both wet and dry extraction, and its smooth suction hose ensures high suction power while being easy to store within the extractor.

Key features of the Festool Dust Extractor include its wet and dry extraction capabilities, lightweight and compact design, and large 15-litre capacity. It offers a level storage area, perfect for storing tools and consumables, and an internal hose holder for safe and clean transport. The main filter can be easily replaced from the outside, and the smooth suction hose with conical geometry ensures high suction power and seamless operation.

The Festool Dust Extractor is a practical, reliable, and high-quality tool that is ready when you are. Purchase today to experience the difference that Festool brings to your workspace.

Key Features

Model NumberCTMMIDIIGB240V

What's in the box

    • 1 x 240V 15L M-Class Mobile Dust Extractor
    • 1 x Main Filter

Product specification of Festool CTMMIDIIGB240V 240V 15L M-Class Mobile Dust Extractor


4.7 / 5

Based on 43 reviews

Needed as a replacement as my old festool hoover gave up after 8 years of hard service

Aaron, 02/09/2023

So week suction power... I am very disappointed. Henry Hoover have similar suction power.

BOYAN TOLEV, 29/06/2023

Evrythink is perfect

Przemyslaw Wianecki, 03/06/2023

Should have bought this years ago.

Northwich Foot Clinic, 27/05/2023

I like the delivery service that ffx use you don’t have to be in all day waiting.

Mr J Pyle, 21/05/2023

Great piece of kit should of got one sooner 👍

Dear Mr Aucott, 04/03/2023

Solid piece of kit. Good suction and easy to use. Doesn't catch as many particles as we were expecting when connected to certain tools but much better than the likes of a Henry or Dyson.

VESTA NW LTD, 26/10/2022

Different level of extraction compared to bosch not too mention the weight of the fewtool nice and snaggy well happy with this one.

marek9547, 22/09/2022

Great product, great service

D. R, 27/08/2022

One of the easiest companies to order from great price and service :)

jayne powell, 25/08/2022

It Sucks! After struggling with an old vacuum cleaner for dust extraction, this device is simply in a different class. It’s very well made, delivers excellent dust extraction across a range of power tools - router, track saw, mitre saw, sander. Quiet in operation and the auto on/off via the front power socket is superb.

Martin, 14/02/2022

Fantastic bit of kit!!

peter shipley, 13/02/2022

Great dust extractor - smaller than I expected but makes it easily portable! The -owner take off section with auto start is great and the hose is very well constructed. Works well with all my tools - not just Festool - and is really efficient and powerful. Slightly on the expensive side - but that’s Festool. Would recommend to anyone considering such a investment.

DRS, 08/01/2022

Excellent, I'm so impressed with this dust extractor, no where near as noisy as I thought it would be and not a speck of dust to be seen, glad I purchased this yes a bit more expensive than other extractors but it ticks all the boxes unlike other branded ones.

Helen Young, 01/11/2021

Excellent powertool extract. Only fault is the bags. Too expensive really. Other than that I cannot fault it. It is the best of all the portable ones I have in my workshop.

J McLean, 23/10/2021

With all the Bluetooth batteries i have with many festool products, finally having an extractor that connects wirelessly with only one tube is a game changer! The extraction it self works wonders and keeps dust to a minimum. Expensive but worth every penny. Now it comes with a blow function it makes cleaning out tools even easier. Would recommend buying a bag for life though.

Reuben Samms, 14/10/2021

Upgraded from the old midi to this and is a proper game changer Even the blow function on it is amazing for blowing dust of tools

Conner stewart, 27/09/2021

The best tools ever

Barry, 14/09/2021

Great products

Scott Jacome-sturge, 04/09/2021

Expensive but Absolutely Brilliant. The quietest extractor I've come across. I connected my palm sander to the hose and found that the sander was far more noisy than the dust extractor.

BRS, 25/06/2021

Sent it back after reporting a fault. Apparently a known fault. Very disapointed that such a brand would continue to sell a unit with known design faults. Wasted time and money. The supplier was very good.

Cameron Riddell, 21/04/2021



excellent design & build quality. You can't go wrong with any festool product.

Clive Gardener, 17/03/2021

I've bought several cheep extractor/vacumes, they all do a reasonable job but the festool is by far the best I've used. If you plug your saw into the front it turnes on when you pull the trigger. The hose store in the top is wicked for site work. Fab product.

Mr Daniel Harpham Gist, 14/03/2021

Excellent kit - but you pay for it!

Graham, 11/03/2021

Superb bit of kit !! especially when you buy the remote to go with it for cordless tools 👍

Paul Towler, 16/02/2021

This is not a cheap product, but as I see it, if it keeps killer Class M dust to a minimum in my small workshop then it’s been a no-brainier of an investment. If I’ve got one gripe it’s the fact Festool don’t include a hoover nozzle in the pack. Why They’ve skimped here and not provided such a useful feature is an odd one; it’s the reason I can’t give it 5 stars

Davy Bolton, 04/02/2021

This M class dust extractor was purchased for wet and dry purposes. Looking after your health would be a great reason to buy this high quality extractor for dry use alone. I have found that larger workshop debris can be easily trapped in the antistatic hose where the design is restricted at joints - so be aware. Removing water has also been excellent with the addition of the wet filter, which is very easy to swap out with the dry filter - using the tray at the side - a nice design feature. I had previously used a VAX which was a great workhorse for over 25 years. I look forward to similarly great service, but to a much higher M class standard from this purchase.

David Lang, 04/02/2021

Very good

David Newby, 28/01/2021

Good kit but expensive...

Brian., 21/01/2021

Great piece of kit, even though Festool is super expensive!

Mr CR Davis , 01/01/2021

Suction is no where near as good as I would of expected, my Dison was much better and It didn’t cost as much

Guest, 24/12/2020

This is an excellent product. Clearly Festool are aware it is a good product, and so prices remain a little on the high side. I did a lot of research before eventually purchasing this item. Despite its price, its hard to find any other products that are built to this level of quality. I would certainly recommend this product.

Stefano Gioberti, 24/12/2020

Stunning really does save your lungs

CollectPlus Customer, 30/09/2020

Great machine and features.

Alex Day, 30/09/2020

Very good product

Damian Kosowski, 30/09/2020

Great products

Clive Davis, 30/09/2020

Does the job and good price - very pleased with it

Lisa Hermon, 30/09/2020

Compact hover bit pricey but needed with that bluetooth control save those back and for with battery chopsaw and other battery tools

alex powell, 24/09/2020

Great products

Aleksander , 05/09/2020

This is a brilliant extractor and at a good price and quick delivery 👍

WICKFORD, 19/08/2020

Generally great, light and easy to carry around.


Purchased by a trade decorator to use mainly for sanding internal walls, solid wood floors, skirting boards, doors and window sills. This machine has far exceeded my expectations, customers are already surprised I've left no dust behind. The machines build quality is superior to anything else on the market, excellent design and well thought out for the end user, the machine is quite noisy when on full suction but the results are staggering. I thought long and hard before purchasing this machine, looked at all the other comparable machines but decided to make the Festool investment, its a sizeable purchase and seems expensive compared to other machines, however I now wished I'd done it so much sooner it's already saving me so much time in clearing up, let alone the benefits to your health. As one customer said to me this week, you can't put a price on your lungs!!!! I'd definitely buy the product again and will start saving for a new sander. I highly recommend this product, used correctly (read the instruction manual before use) you'll not be disappointed.

jrs76, 09/11/2019

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Festool CTMMIDIIGB240V 240V 15L M-Class Mobile Dust Extractor

£499.13ex. VAT

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