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Festool CTLMIDIIGB240V 240v MIDI I CLEANTEC Mobile Dust Extractor

£422.46ex. VAT

The 574835 CTL MIDI I GB 240V CLEANTEC is an L CLass Mobile Festool Dust Extractor. Ideal for mobile use in service and installation work and for final cleaning, On-site extraction for electric power tools for minor or brief sanding, routing, sawing and drilling work.

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Product Details


The Festool 574835 CTLMIDIIGB240V 240V MIDI I CLEANTEC Mobile Dust Extractor, a high-performance tool designed to keep your workspace clean and safe.

Introducing the Festool 574835 CTLMIDIIGB240V 240V MIDI I CLEANTEC Mobile Dust Extractor, a high-performance tool designed to keep your workspace clean and safe. This L Class Mobile Dust Extractor is perfect for on-the-go use in service, installation work, and final cleaning, making it a valuable asset for tradespeople such as plasterers and metalworkers.

The Festool 574835 is equipped to handle both minor and brief sanding, routing, sawing, and drilling work for dust, offering on-site extraction for electric power tools. It's also suitable for both wet and dry extraction, ensuring versatility in various work environments. The extractor features a low weight and compact dimensions, making it easy to transport and store.

This extractor is not just functional but also user-friendly, with intuitive touch operation and a smooth suction hose. It also includes a level storage area for tools and consumables. With integrated Bluetooth technology, the mobile dust extractor can be started automatically by the Bluetooth battery pack or by the remote control, adding to its convenience.

The Festool 574835 also features an internal hose holder, SYSTAINER T-LOC connection, and practical cord holder for tidiness and speed. All these features work together to ensure clean air during service and installation work. This product comes with a high-performance main filter, one SC FIS-CT SELFCLEAN Filter Bag, and a Smooth Suction Hose.

Key features of this product include its compact and lightweight design, touch operation, and wet and dry extraction capability. It's designed for use on the go thanks to its compact dimensions, low weight, and robust chassis. The touch operation allows for intuitive control of the mobile dust extractor, and the wet and dry extraction feature ensures versatility in various work environments.

Experience the difference of a clean, safe, and efficient workspace with the Festool 574835 CTLMIDIIGB240V 240V MIDI I CLEANTEC Mobile Dust Extractor. Purchase today and elevate your workspace to new levels of cleanliness and safety.

Key Features

Model NumberCTLMIDIIGB240V

What's in the box

    • 1 x High-Performance Main Filter
    • 1 x SC FIS-CT SELFCLEAN Filter Bag
    • 1 x Smooth Suction Hose dia. 27/32 x 3.5 m AS/CTR

Product specification of Festool CTLMIDIIGB240V 240v MIDI I CLEANTEC Mobile Dust Extractor


4.8 / 5

Based on 50 reviews

Just such a good machine

Customers ail duncan, 19/08/2023

Good piece if kit does the job

Andrea Russell, 09/08/2023

Ordered 110v extractor by accident needed 240v. FFX were able to exchange the 2 very quickly. I was very happy

James, 12/07/2023

Bought to replace the CT22 unit that is 22years old still operating. The CTL Midi is compact and now with Bluetooth

G Daniels, 17/06/2023

Great hoover works really well with the mirka sander

Nicholas Boyce, 02/06/2023

Great machine so far good quality but as with all festool tools a little expensive Ffx delivered as usual with their a* service

kevin freeman, 05/04/2023

top quality product, great service and dispatch by ffx.

m embury, 03/04/2023

Nice to work in a clean dust free environment

Mr Paulson, 17/03/2023

Wish I had got one years ago - same filtration level as an M class just without the alarm and cut off.

Michael, 09/03/2023

Festool Dust Extractor . In my opinion, it’s the best this is the second one I have in the last 10 years, first has been stolen. over the years is amazing. For Carpenter, bathroom and kitchen installers this product is a must.

Adrian Lazar, 17/02/2023

Quality dust extractor , quieter than comparable extractors.Bag and filter easy to change or inspect. Cube shape makes for ease of storage. Very good price from FFX.

Trevor Tucker-Harris, 24/01/2023

we had good service

owenParsell, 24/10/2022

Absolutely superb dust extractor. I’ve got the old model which is almost 14 years old and still in working order. Essential kit for the professional decorator.

Mr Mark McCarthy, 15/10/2022

Really good, sturdy piece of equipment and powerful vacuum. Ideal for my other festool equipment. Yet again, great service from FFX and fast delivery. Will not hesitate to use this service again

Arthur ord, 14/03/2022

great tool

Nicolae Corjuc, 17/01/2022

Superb bit of kit.

Michael Delve, 02/01/2022

Love the functionality and form factor. Price is as always with Festool a bit steep and it would be nice if you could use the Bluetooth function with your phone but hey still a quality piece of kit.

PETER AKERS, 31/12/2021

OK does the job from kapex ks120

Kevin, 10/11/2021

Quality products

chan king ho, 11/10/2021

Great bit of kit Sanding Hall way next to no dust Just the thing

Ady, 04/10/2021

Excellent piece of kit

David Simmons, 01/10/2021

Been using a cheaper product for dustless sanding for my Business ended up biting the Bullet and got this one. Massive difference fantastic product.

HiMarks Decorating, 25/09/2021

Just what I want. The variable suction is great for jobs like sanding but still clears the dust while high rate suction is great for track saw jobs. I love it

Derek Granger, 14/09/2021

Very impressed with its performance really powerfull

Colin kruczko, 11/09/2021

Pricey but excellent piece of kit

Mr lee jackson, 06/07/2021

FFX top of the range

Adrian Mereuta, 05/05/2021

Really good, bluetooth works amazingly

Charles Redman, 21/04/2021

Three weeks in and it’s stopped working

Dave Tuckey, 21/04/2021

Worth every penny

Samuel maindonald, 07/04/2021

Powerfull, compact extractor. Very good staff.

BART FICHNER, 12/03/2021

Don’t get me wrong I think the idea of this dust extractor is great! But is it worth the money of £450? No... no it’s not. Plus if you want the use of Bluetooth you have to spend another £50-£70 and if you want to use it as a vacuum cleaner you have to spend another £50 so for it to be used as intended it costs around £560.00 and that’s why too much! I got a Karcher Hoover for £109.00 4 years ago is great. Bags are cheap, suction is great, lightweight, small. This is well made but there is so much more I would change! The extraction hose gives me static shock where as on a plastic one it wouldn’t. It’s very loud, bags are priced up to much so got a re useable one off of eBay with a zip so you can empty it easer. So your mainly paying for the name and the function but know that you will have to pay a lot more for that. In Tesco you can get 6 Henry hoovers for the cost of one of these. This is my opinion. You may not agree but as a carpenter I just need something that cleans up dust and I can get that for around £109.00. But at the end of the day it’s your money and this might be the one for you but if your not sure don’t get it

Joe Benjamin, 10/03/2021

This is a great universal system for other power tools. Using flexible rubber connection tubes.

MR CARTER, 17/02/2021

Excellent service

Ardian Ahmetaj, 31/12/2020

Brilliant, I do not know why took me so long to get it.

Radoslaw Sosnowski, 27/11/2020

The air has never been cleaner when using machinery and much less mess to clean up. The bag dedusting works a treat to maintain suction. Well pleased with it.

Richard Thorpe, 14/10/2020

Perfect unit

Gavin Twinn, 07/10/2020

Very neat bit of kit, works extremely well, handy that you can lock cases on the top.

Mr Chris Hoad, 23/09/2020

Very good

Dawid Januszkiewicz, 23/09/2020

I cannot believe I spent this much on a shop vac (I am an amateur, not a professional) but I do not regret it in the least. Bought the TS55/FS1400 rail bundle from FFX and was going to use my Record Power extractor with adapters from its 100mm inlet. Quickly felt that this was cumbersome so considered a small wet/dry vacuum and then reminded myself that sometimes in life, it pays to follow the rule of buy quality / buy once. I'm glad I did because using this with the saw is such a breeze and the suction is amazing - almost totally dust-free sawing. The soft hose is so flexible unlike the tubing I have for small tool use with my other extractor (and of course that now will be resigned to use only with kit that needs the larger diameter tubing). For my use I was happy to go with the L-class and save some money (I still use a good mask even though the dust extraction with the TS55 is amazing) but remember for pro use you will need the CTM M-class version. Oh, and did I menton how quiet it is? A great purchase and also the usual great service from FFX.

Steve Payne, 18/09/2020

great product

Alan MacDougall, 01/09/2020

Excellent piece of kit

peter bennett, 10/08/2020

As always from festool great equipment

Jonathan Hampshire, 10/08/2020

A quality bit of kit

Dean Ryland , 08/07/2020

Nice bit of kit. I’m a decorator and use this with sanders.

Jeffrey, 06/07/2020

This CTL midi is faaantastic. I’m just getting into the DIY+ side of things and needed a good shop vac. This was advised and I have not looked back. Not disappointed. It’s sucks up all the chips and dust. It attaches to multiple tools. It even blows just as well. All round a quality Festool product. I would recommend

Michael Shipton, 06/07/2020

I have used Festool extractors, up to and including the CL33, at work for years. Can not fault them in any way. I bought the ctl midi for my own personal use, on projects at home during the current situation. This model is fairly compact, easy for me to store, and above all else it works superbly, it’s had a fair amount of work already, and I know it will probably outlive me! I only buy quality tools, and festool power tools are up there!

Mark Humphrey, 04/05/2020

Typical Festool. Pricey but great kit. It is fair to say you pay for what get. If you want quality and with this product a clean working environment then this is the dust extraction unit for you. Compact fully portable and also looks great

Nigel Lewis, 25/02/2020

much more optimal than the previous version

Marcelo, 17/02/2020

Excellent. No more days sanding by hand and going home covered in dust. Wish I’d bought it years ago.

Scott Howarth, 24/01/2020

Nice and compact, powerful and the adjustable suction is great on lower settings for sanding and up to max for track and mitre saws

Neil Robinson, 17/12/2019

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Festool CTLMIDIIGB240V 240v MIDI I CLEANTEC Mobile Dust Extractor

£422.46ex. VAT

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