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Estwing E15SR Ultra Claw Hammer Leather 425g/15oz

£46.63ex. VAT

Estwing E15SR Ultra Claw Hammer Leather 425g/15.oz

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Product Details


The Estwing E15SR, a 15oz 343mm Leather Grip Ultra Claw Hammer that is as robust as it is comfortable.

Introducing the Estwing E15SR, a 15oz 343mm Leather Grip Ultra Claw Hammer that is as robust as it is comfortable. This hammer is a symbol of quality and durability, designed to meet the needs of professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The E15SR is expertly crafted from a single piece of premium quality American steel, ensuring there are no joints that could potentially come loose. This feature, coupled with its superb balance, makes for a highly durable hammer that is easy to wield.

Designed with user comfort in mind, Estwing has fitted the E15SR with a stylish and durable leather grip. This grip not only enhances the tool's aesthetic appeal but also ensures a comfortable handling experience. The hammer's smooth face ensures that it will not leave an imprint on the nails when struck, reducing the chance of damaging your workpiece.

Key features of the E15SR include its solid American steel construction for enhanced durability, a smooth face to minimize damage to the nail or workpiece, a sleek new profile for lighter and more aerodynamic performance, and a genuine leather grip for durability and comfort.

The E15SR from Estwing is a superb tool for professional carpenters. Its balance and comfortable grip make it easy to use, while its solid American steel construction ensures high durability. This is a hammer that can tackle the most demanding jobs and will serve you well for years to come.

The Estwing E15SR comes with a 15oz 343mm Leather Grip Ultra Claw Hammer. Trust in the quality and reliability of Estwing and purchase the E15SR today.

Key Features

Model NumberE15SR

What's in the box

    • 1 x 15oz 343mm Leather Grip Ultra Claw Hammer

Product specification of Estwing E15SR Ultra Claw Hammer Leather 425g/15oz


4.3 / 5

Based on 11 reviews

Always had these hammers, but last few have acted like a tuning fork. Can't stand the ringing. Sent back hopefully replacement will be better.

Customer, 31/10/2023

Present for my son who is very pleased with it

alice walters, 23/04/2023

Good very sturdy

Marley Forbes, 21/11/2022

Paint flaked almost instantly

Aden meadows, 12/11/2022

Another outstanding product from Estwing. I’ve been buying Estwing for 30 years. It’s good every time. Treated myself to this rather than replacing the handle and it’s just as good or better than the last one. It’s rare to find a company whose quality doesn’t decline or take shortcuts over the years, but Estwing is one of those companies. I would recommend literally any and all of their products.

Holt Dugan , 26/06/2022

Lovely hammer

Chloe Cartlidge, 23/08/2021

If you’re in the trade this is the hammer to have

sim heyes, 16/02/2021

This is a beautifully balanced hammer that is a joy to use. It replaces one I’d had for years then lost. I like a light weight framing hammer for those big nailing jobs; all day with a 20oz lump is too much for most people. I prefer the leather washer handle to the nylon; it affords more grip, particularly in the wet or with damp hands, just break it in with a bit of glass paper and some leather cream and it’ll feel great. The claw is different to that of a true claw hammer in that it lays flatter against the work. I prefer that for pulling long nails. The little notch on the edge of the head is endlessly useful once you learn how to use it. All in all a great tool that’ll be a joy to use for a working lifetime (unless, of course, you lose it!)

dick, 08/11/2019

great product and a great price

Jason Rogerson, 05/10/2018

I did not recieve the hammer displayed on the website, a lot of paint chipped on the head aswell

Henrik Sandberg, 02/02/2018

Very nice well ballenced hammer from a trusted brand

DAVID CRANHAM, 01/03/2017

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Estwing E15SR Ultra Claw Hammer Leather 425g/15oz

£46.63ex. VAT

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