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DeWalt DT20700-QZ 93mm x 93mm Multi Tool Sanding Platen

£9.96ex. VAT

DeWALT 93mm x 93mm Triangular Multi Tool Sanding Platen / Backing Pad - DT20700-Qz

Delivery by tomorrow, 20 May

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Product Details


The DeWalt DT20700-QZ 93mm x 93mm Multi Tool Sanding Platen, a versatile and reliable tool designed to enhance your sanding tasks.

Introducing the DeWalt DT20700-QZ 93mm x 93mm Multi Tool Sanding Platen, a versatile and reliable tool designed to enhance your sanding tasks. This sanding platen is specifically designed for use with DeWalt multi-tools, ensuring compatibility and seamless operation.

The DeWalt DT20700-QZ stands out with its unique features and benefits. It comes with a hook and loop paper attachment, making the process of attaching sandpaper effortless and quick. This feature ensures that you can get to work immediately, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Moreover, the DeWalt DT20700-QZ is equipped with a dust extraction capability. When attached to a separate dust extraction unit, it minimizes dust pollution during sanding. This feature not only maintains a clean working environment but also protects your health by reducing exposure to harmful dust particles.

The technical specifications of the DeWalt DT20700-QZ are impressive. It is compatible with DeWalt, Bosch, Fein, Makita, and Milwaukee Multi Tools, making it a versatile addition to your tool collection. The size of the sanding platen is 93mm x 93mm, providing a substantial surface area for efficient sanding.

In conclusion, the DeWalt DT20700-QZ 93mm x 93mm Multi Tool Sanding Platen is a testament to DeWalt's commitment to quality, reliability, and practicality. It's a tool designed to meet your needs, ready when you are. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your tool collection. Purchase today and experience the difference of a truly quality tool.

Key Features

Model NumberDT20700-QZ

Product specification of DeWalt DT20700-QZ 93mm x 93mm Multi Tool Sanding Platen


4.6 / 5

Based on 21 reviews

Replacement due to Velcro hooks being worn away on original. Unfortunately the hooks at the tip wore off within about 20-30 mins use with new sanding pads. I only ordered this more expensive branded item as it has the dust extraction port, which I never got to use.

Rich, 06/10/2023

Quality item, less than half price of high street diy chain - super fast delivery. Highly recommended

Mark B, 18/03/2023

A good sturdy product.

Forester, 13/12/2022

It's all good

Rick , 07/11/2022

Good replacement accessory

Mr Gregory Jones, 31/10/2022

Great item at a really good price, super quick delivery as well 👍

Paul, 24/11/2021

Item arrived fast, good quality just as advertised.

Andrew Stride, 06/10/2021

Great little additional attachment for a handy tool easy to use with great results

Mr Michael Smith, 23/06/2021

Fast and reliable. Exactly what I was looking for.

Marcin, 02/06/2021

Perfect 👍👍

Gordon , 05/05/2021

Useful tool delivered at express speed but would like to see a design change enabling hook and loop section to be replaceable after overheat causes hook and loop to melt. Impractical to stop work and allow cool down each time plate gets hot especially tips when working in corners.

David Barber, 23/04/2021

replaced a OEM version, should have purchased right the first time

Steven, 04/02/2021

These don't last long with me.

RB, 04/02/2021

In conjunction with the De-Walt Vacuum cleaner almost completely eliminates the sanding dust.

Customer, 24/12/2020

Quality replacement - genuine part as described

Ian Rankin, 24/09/2020

Genuine Dewalt product at discounted price. Value for money !

Mr Robert Battersea, 22/07/2020

Perfect OEM replacement item !!!

Kal, 02/03/2020

No problem with Folkestone Fixings who dealt with the order and delivery in a superb way and were also the best in terms of price for this unit. My reason for the low marks on quality and value for money arise due to the fact that this is the third DeWalt sanding Platen I have had to get in a six month period. The problem is with the hatched rubberised surface that gets clogged and will not hold the sanding discs. I regularly try to clean the surface but it does no good.

John Byrne, 16/09/2019

I bought this sanding platen to replace another brands unit that disintegrated after five minutes of use, the dust extraction is different, but with a bit of lateral thinking it did the job. Far more solid than the fat lump that fell apart.

Boots, 24/06/2019

This new one is fine but expected the old one to have lasted longer. Not all non DeWalt replacement sanding triangles stay attached so make sure they are compatible if purchasing any. (The ones I have that don’t stay on were not purchased from FFX).

CHRIS PARKER, 10/02/2018

This is an easy product to use, but melts the Velcro very easily if you use for long period without a break, (a minute or two at higher speeds!), which renders the platen useless. Great for steady/less aggressive sanding and good for detail work.

Michael C, 10/09/2017

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DeWalt DT20700-QZ 93mm x 93mm Multi Tool Sanding Platen

£9.96ex. VAT

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