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DeWalt DCV100 18v XR Compact Jobsite Blower Bare Unit

£74.13ex. VAT

The DeWalt DCV100N XR Compact Jobsite Blower has a lightweight design that is ideal for jobsite clean-up. With a variable speed trigger for improved control.

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Product Details


The DeWalt DCV100N XR Compact Jobsite Blower, a lightweight and compact tool that is perfect for jobsite clean-up tasks.

Introducing the DeWalt DCV100N XR Compact Jobsite Blower, a lightweight and compact tool that is perfect for jobsite clean-up tasks. With its high air flow and 18,000 RPM fan speed, this blower is designed to efficiently clear debris from construction sites and outdoor spaces.

The DCV100N XR is not just powerful but also user-friendly. It features a variable speed slider switch with a lock-on/off switch, offering improved control for the user. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver and carry, even for extended periods, reducing user fatigue.

One of the key highlights of this blower is its long runtime. Reliable and dependable, it allows for extended periods of work, making it an ideal choice for both professional and DIY users. Whether you're in construction or landscaping, this blower is a practical tool for keeping your workspace clean and clear of debris.

The DeWalt DCV100N XR Compact Jobsite Blower comes with an inflater and deflater attachment, adding to its versatility. Please note that this is a bare unit and does not come supplied with batteries, a case, or a charger.

Experience the quality and reliability of DeWalt tools today. Purchase the DCV100N XR Compact Jobsite Blower and make your clean-up tasks easier and more efficient.

Key Features

Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberDCV100

What's in the box

    • 1 x XR Compact Jobsite Blower Bare Unit 18 Volt
    • 1 x Inflater Attachment
    • 1 x Deflater Attachment
    • Naked Machine / Body Only. Not Supplied With BatteriesCase or a Charger

Product specification of DeWalt DCV100 18v XR Compact Jobsite Blower Bare Unit


4.7 / 5

Based on 57 reviews

Product works great

James Bowie, 28/12/2023

Good blower

Mr Carl Nock, 02/12/2023

An amazing little tool just wish I bought it years ago

Barry McAllister, 22/10/2023

The main tube is too loose as a fitting onto the main handle seems a big oversight, taped on permanently now Plus the blowing length is about 2 feet too short With the 5 volt batteries though it had a good long blowing time it’s strength So not perfect but the tube issue is not right 4 stars due to good blowing

Ghost, 04/10/2023

Very good product and good value for the money 👍

Mr Chris Hill, 17/09/2023

Lightweight but powerful

PAUL BRICKLEY, 12/09/2023

Great little tool light weight and easy to use just right for any type of job.

Mr Woods, 25/08/2023

Good working

Antons, 16/07/2023

Super compact blower, ideal for a variety of quick clean up jobs. Small but powerful enough for my use.

MR JOHN BENTLEY, 19/04/2023

A great small but powerful blower with 3 speed settings.

A J Corke, 13/03/2023

Compact, quieter than petrol, lightweight, powerful. Exactly what I wanted

Mr B, 09/12/2022

Crap no power do not buy

Ricky otter, 24/11/2022

Service was second to none!

miss amy clout, 09/11/2022

Great workshop dust blower - more than powerful enough to blow fresh sawdust away from anywhere that you don't want it to be. Reasonably light to hold and three handy settings.

Andy M, 29/10/2022

It works a treat and with the three speed you got more control

Keith, 29/10/2022

Excellent bit of kit, keeps everything clean and makes the dust /sawdust someone elses problem 😂

James Holness, 29/10/2022

first class!!

Liam, 28/10/2022

Great blower !!!!!!! Great job !!!!!

Paul Beeson, 23/10/2022

Weak and small for 130 pounds with the battery

Adrian ENache, 22/10/2022

I’m decorator by trade, I’ve used this to tidy up dust and debris on exterior jobs, saves so much time rather than using a dusting brush, broom and a dust pan. Being lightweight and cordless it’s also great for blowing dust and debris out of render crevices/cracks up on scaffold or ladder when a electric supply and access for a hoover is limited. Also, use it tidy up my patio at home, much quicker and more fun than sweeping. Wish I bought this years ago!

Dan Holt, 09/10/2022

Great product,now I have my tools clean always.

Vasile Marian Lucut, 05/10/2022

Use it most days very handy for lots of thing

Gordon , 01/10/2022

does exactly what i need it to do and, a good price to match

Neil, 25/09/2022

Powerful blower for such a small size.like a haidryer without the nozzle. 3 speeds and very reactive trigger ensures you blow dust in controled manner and swep tidily to one side.

Pandemonium, 23/09/2022

Does what it supposed to

chris, 11/09/2022

Great bit of kit

Louise , 06/09/2022

Powerful lightweight and easy to use

Yadda, 30/08/2022

Very powerful and light weight tool grate for cleaning off roof area’s

Steven Higginson, 27/08/2022

Great item

customer Paul Sharpe, 26/08/2022

Very good service. Great product

Darren Hall, 25/08/2022

Great quality and good power for battery machine

Mike Owen, 29/07/2022

didn't realise I needed one till I bought it , awesome tool

Chris , 26/07/2022

Great bit of kit, powerful compact and lightweight, not meant to be a garden leaf blower but will do the job.

stephen jones, 22/07/2022

Very good blower does the job it’s meant to do lightweight sturdy well worth the money

Mr David Jones, 21/07/2022

The Dewalt compact blower is both, powerful and light. Great tool to have and a better price than other sellers.

Ray Smith, 20/07/2022

All good quality

Scott, 22/11/2021

Very very good good for money

Jeremy Wilson, 18/11/2021

Nice and compact but does lack the blowing power compared to its competitors. A fully charged 5.0A dewalt battery gives around 15 mins of usage. Opt for a 6.0A battery for slightly longer running time. End of nozzle could be designed better for greater spread of air. Compact and Lightweight, easy setup and easy to use though if Right handed, keep away from your trousers as the air intake is on the left side of the machine which is a Fail in design especially as most people are Right handed. 3/5....Could do better

Steve Johnson, 28/10/2021

All in good working order

Mr Adam Brindle, 07/09/2021

Never realised what a handy bit of equipment.

Robert Calderwood, 05/09/2021

Fantastic compact and powerful tool for use around the house and garden.

aziz, 31/08/2021

Brilliant piece of kit power is astonishing for the size of it well recommended

Ryan Murphy, 26/08/2021

Small, compact unit with plenty of power if needed. Very happy with the blower and would recommend.

Stephen Toms, 25/07/2021

Great quality, and powerful. Very surprised with this little blower, also great for blowing up paddling pools/ air beds!

EJ , 25/07/2021

Very happy

Belcher Winder, 19/07/2021

Great product for the money.

paul wilson, 17/07/2021

Does the job 👌🏻

Cc, 06/06/2021

Small and lightweight but powerful. Just what we needed

Weaver, 26/05/2021

I bought this to make it quick and easy to clean down after cutting timber. Perfect for the job

David Harding, 05/05/2021

Value for money

Darren whitfield, 05/05/2021

Ideal lightweight blower great for cleaning up

Mr Howard Martin, 29/04/2021

Very effective, light and easy to use

Bok, 18/11/2020

Great product Speedy delivery Thank you!

Onur, 16/09/2020

I like this blower but I feel it's quite expensive seeing as you don't get a battery with it. It's nice and light and a lot quieter than my petrol blower. It's very easy to use and has enough power to do the jobs I want

michael molyneux, 27/07/2020

Don’t know how I managed without one,a must have in your van.

Mr R Bennett, 17/12/2019

I love this tool. What a great way of tidying up and cleaning down the job site and tools.

Mr. Philip Olsen, 06/04/2018

Does what it needs to do . Very powerful blower for a battery operated unit. Would recommend it!!! But it does kill the 18w battery - lasts about 20 minutes of continuous use.

Bhavin Patel, 27/02/2018

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DeWalt DCV100 18v XR Compact Jobsite Blower Bare Unit

£74.13ex. VAT

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