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DeWalt DCP580N 18V XR Cordless BL Planer Bare Unit

£115.83ex. VAT

The new DCP580N dewalt planer 18v is ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike featuring a brushless motor which guarantees you'll get an efficient and cost-effective planer that will last for years to come. With on-board blade/torx key storage and an air lock port this is a great all-round performer.

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Product Details


The DeWalt DCP580N 18V XR Cordless BL Planer Bare Unit, a perfect blend of efficiency, durability, and precision.

Introducing the DeWalt DCP580N 18V XR Cordless BL Planer Bare Unit, a perfect blend of efficiency, durability, and precision. This tool is an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who value quality and performance.

The DCP580N features a brushless motor, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective planing experience that will stand the test of time. This tool is compatible with DeWalt's family of 18V XR Li-ion batteries, offering flexibility and convenience for those who already have a collection of DeWalt tools.

The planer is equipped with twin blades for a smoother finish and a precision 0.1mm depth adjustment, allowing for meticulous control over your work. It boasts a market-leading rebate capacity and increased runtime, making it a reliable tool for any job.

Designed with the user in mind, the DCP580N's lightweight, compact, and ergonomic design ensures comfortable usage in all orientations, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. The tool also features on-board blade and torx key storage for fast blade changes, minimizing downtime and keeping your workflow smooth.

The large front and rear shoe improve stability, while the compatibility with the AirLock dust extraction system ensures a clean and safe working environment. This product is sold as a bare unit, meaning batteries and chargers must be purchased separately.

Experience the power and precision of DeWalt with the DCP580N 18V XR Cordless BL Planer Bare Unit. Purchase today and elevate your tool collection to new heights.

Key Features

Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberDCP580N

What's in the box

    • 1x DCP580N-XJ Planer
    • 2x Tungsten Carbide Tip Reversible Blades
    • 1x Torx Key
    • 1x Guide Fence
    • Naked Machine / Body Only. Not Supplied With BatteriesCase or a Charger

Product specification of DeWalt DCP580N 18V XR Cordless BL Planer Bare Unit


4.9 / 5

Based on 94 reviews

Terrible service from ffx

Darren Mcpherson, 29/12/2023

Makes planing easy!

S Green, 14/11/2023

Easy to use does as should

Customer, 31/10/2023

Great service and also cracking prices

Calvin Elliott, 15/10/2023

Great piece of equipment easy and reliable

mario calderone, 02/10/2023

Absolute beast of a planer and tbh surprisingly better than I thought!

Jase, 29/09/2023

The DeWalt DCP580 is an excellent planer, the adjustment on what to plane off is easy to adjust. It is what you would expect from DeWalt an easy to use, very effective tool

John Rowlands, 28/09/2023

Good price and easy to use

Franklin, 01/09/2023

Amazing product 👌

Adam Hamburger,, 26/06/2023

Planer is superb, dpd delivery not so great,

Gordon, 16/04/2023

It works much better than my old corded planner

Robert Purcell, 27/03/2023

This is a great tool. Works as it should and it's very easy to use. Highly recommended. A great price too.

Roger Hinds, 16/03/2023

Brilliant tool, built to last

Elliott, 16/03/2023

Great price😀

John Smith, 09/03/2023

Great product & great value.

Michael Noel, 16/02/2023

Great product, so much better than the cheap corded planer i've had for years. FFX delivery was unbelievably quick, ordered Sunday night and it was delivered by noon Monday.

DickyWest, 12/02/2023

Excellent planer, leaves a nice smooth finish, feels solid and easy to control.

Chris Meredith, 10/02/2023

This is a very good planer, take anywhere, work anywhere as it is cordless, no need for generators to work in the midst of nowhere.

William Pattullo, 07/02/2023

Great tool but a little heavier than others, trigger difficult to use

Sean Brookes, 19/01/2023

You can’t go wrong with a dewalt product, I should know I have enough

Mr Gary Stclaire, 27/12/2022

Excelente machine

Mr Pena Martinez, 02/12/2022

Dewalt is the best on the market 👌

Yaxley Yaxley, 18/11/2022

Amazing quick and easy to use

Gordon , 01/10/2022

Excellent service and good price

G M H, 14/09/2022

A quality product from a name you can trust. Easy to use with quality results.

Martin Powell, 14/09/2022

Great has 2 cutting blades to get better finish

Darren, 16/08/2022

Fantastic piece of kit

paul, 12/08/2022


MARTIN MCHUGH, 28/07/2022

Another top notch piece of equipment from dewalt. Easy to use, light in the hand and produces great results, does what an plane should do

customer, 11/07/2022

Great price and service, arrived next day

kellerbeck, 01/07/2022

Excellent piece of kit, powerful easy to use quality finish.

Greg Brown, 21/06/2022

Once again, Dewalt nail it! A decent planer, my only gripe is that it's geared for the majority who are right-handed in the world. Story of my life, would overcome the issue if it had a collector that fitted on both sides, but I get on with it, like a good lefthander Does what it says on the can.

Wag, 15/06/2022

The usual and expected build quality from Dewalt. FFX offered a very competitive price and delivery was quick so complaints.

Joe9000, 25/05/2022

Best tool I’ve bought in a while.

DEREK CRUSE, 23/05/2022

Well balanced smooth easy to handle ,also buy the largest battery it’s power hungry…..

Andrej Jurczenko, 23/05/2022

Very good item

Israr Zahir, 15/05/2022

“It’s a Dewalt,. Well built, and built to last,

Asian nemo, 24/03/2022

Great value , good service, have bought from fox before, reliable retailer.

david, 22/03/2022

Brilliant service and it is working well great price

mervyn , 10/03/2022

Great to use

Chriss B, 08/03/2022

Powerful and well priced

R Edwards, 26/02/2022

Great Planer & we think its the best you can buy for the money . Thanks

David, 24/02/2022

Bought this to replace an old electric plane and it is brilliant, so easy to use and produces a great finish. Would recommend.

Richard , 19/02/2022

excellent product again from DeWalt, would highly recommend, add it to your kit

Les Johnson, 12/02/2022

Tool is great, but the service FFX provides Was not !!

Andrew Skirrow, 04/02/2022

good all-round planer Best to use with De Walt dust bag to save cleaning up time, they can be messy with a lot of shavings

Ean Jones, 02/02/2022

I’m in the process of changing everything from Makita to dewalt, so far everything I’ve changed is superior, impact driver combi, planer battery router, rail saw etc

Mr D Banks, 26/01/2022

I had a power planer left to me by my dad, and it was a corded model from another manufacturer. I bought this as I now do a lot of planing and needed a precision tool to take off specific amounts. This was the obvious choice. I had a door that had stuck and needed a few mil taken off. Tried rotary sander before. No good. I tentatively used the DeWalt power planer and what a superb piece of kit!. No cables. Accurate depth to 0.1mm! Easy to use, with great features like the stand to keep the blade off a desk when not being used, and veeery accurate depth of cut. I did the job in minutes whereas sanding took an hour, yet planing was more accurate and flatter cut. Superb!

Epics Academy , 16/01/2022

Accurate and easy to use. Brilliant piece of kit.

Rick Weightman, 02/01/2022

As with all Dewalt cordless products very good, easy to use, no more cables.

Alan Moignard, 20/12/2021

Great product


Good kit used daily bit bulky overall performance good.

Shaz Habib, 10/12/2021

Well packaged fast delivery

DANIEL PENROSE, 08/12/2021

This is an excellent planer does whet it says on the tin

Mr Saeed Akhtar, 27/11/2021

Dewalt always The best

Mr Rafal Rajca, 20/11/2021

Very good tool

Drini Hazizi, 12/11/2021

The usual good robust quality from dewalt. Nice and easy to use with good depth adjustment.

James Trehan, 20/10/2021

Been using this model daily as mine recently went missing so I had to buy the same as it’s stands up for daily use diy anything you need it for make sure you keep your blades sharp you’ll have no problems

Ryan Walker, 11/10/2021

Nice tool.

customer, 07/10/2021

The freedom of having a cordless planer is worth the money in its own right. Very controllable with respect to the speed and not everything needs to be done on full rpm. Solidly built and worth the money in my opinion.

Kenny, 02/10/2021

I am pleased with this planner. Works well and gives a good finish to the timber.

Walter Rabbetts , 28/09/2021

Excellent top kit would recommend

mick, 23/09/2021

Not boxed but a logical explanation from FFX customer service

Tim Bembridge, 20/09/2021

Great product

customer paul roberts, 13/09/2021

Great planer, with clean, fast and accurate cuts.

John Fletcher, 21/08/2021

Very good service

KIERAN Gilmore, 09/07/2021

This Dewalt planner is excellent, compact and powerful.

Nick Cook. Monsal Dale Ltd, 27/06/2021

Great addition to my kit, although the extraction chute does clog easily

Darren, 22/04/2021

Good planer

Sergii, 21/04/2021

Saves time and elbow grease

Mark, 17/02/2021

Very good product. Recommend!

Scott ratcliffe, 11/02/2021

Another well made tool from Dewalt. Very fine quality cut and very easy adjustment.

David, 31/12/2020

Quality bit of kit at a sensible price

SHANE TEMLETT, 24/12/2020

Brilliant tool used every day

Stephen murray, 04/11/2020

Made my fellow happy. Thank you

Linda Marie Foster, 23/09/2020

Planet constantly clogs very disappointing

Customer, 04/05/2020

A great planner, it was a direct replacement for my corded dewalt planner but what a huge difference not having to position power cables while trying to be smooth during operation. Possible slightly heavier or maybe just weighted different but a great upgrade especially if you are on the dewalt batteries with other power tools.

Guest, 16/04/2020

Excellent tool

Customer. Rob Caverly, 24/11/2019

I have had the plug in Dewalt planer for ages but this make life easier due to lightness and lack of cable. I used it first to,sort a couple of doors out great. Great service from FFX as always.

Mr Richard Cockerline, 15/11/2019

Very good,thanks!

Andrei Rusu, 23/09/2019

Very good plainer!

Kiril Georgiev, 17/09/2019

Nice and light to use

D Howard , 16/09/2019

Not as powerful as a 110v or 240 but very convenient and portable

Mark Edwards, 16/09/2019

Expensive for what it is but its powerful and does the job in no time. Nice weight to it but it may seem big whn u get the item but it does the job nice clean cut

IAN, 08/03/2019

An excellent bit of kit.. really nice cut on it and runs lovely with the 54v battery

Richard Barnett, 08/03/2019

Great price and can’t go wrong with DeWalt

William Wright, 08/03/2019

Great. Just need to buy the dust bag.

Kevin Terrans, 28/09/2018

Dewalt what's two say better than all the rest

Mick kitchen, 21/09/2018

Performs like a 110 machine, brilliant!

Customer, 08/09/2018

The same quality tool as others in the DeWalt stable. Very efficient, not too noisy and shaves excellently and accurately.

Mr F Mair, 31/08/2018

Works perfectly on narrow surfaces. Ergonomic design and good quality.

Carefurbish.co.uk, 31/08/2018

All good just the job made the job easy.

Bruce Thompson , 20/07/2018

Haven't used it yet but sure it is good .

Alan Snook, 19/12/2017

A stunningly good Plane and no stupid cable to trip you up. Unlike other Power Planes I've used in the past it really does plane down to almost flour grade shavings for the tiniest cuts, and the finish is superb. Batteries last fairly well unless you're going to be truing up a stockyard full of timber. Verdict : Fantastic

Stewart Thompson, 23/06/2017

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DeWalt DCP580N 18V XR Cordless BL Planer Bare Unit

£115.83ex. VAT

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