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DeWalt DCMPH566N 18V XR Pole Hedge Trimmer Bare Unit

£174.17£194.36ex. VAT

The Dewalt 18V XR Pole Hedge Trimmer Bare Unit DCMPH566N-XJ is an ideal Pole Hedge Trimmer for professional trades such as gardeners and landscapers as well as DIYers wanting to get their garden 'summer ready'. Not supplied with batteries or a charger.

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Product Details


The DeWalt DCMPH566N 18V XR Pole Hedge Trimmer Bare Unit, a perfect tool for professional gardeners, landscapers, and DIY enthusiasts aiming to maintain a pristine garden.

Introducing the DeWalt DCMPH566N 18V XR Pole Hedge Trimmer Bare Unit, a perfect tool for professional gardeners, landscapers, and DIY enthusiasts aiming to maintain a pristine garden. With a 55cm blade and a 25mm cutting width, this trimmer delivers optimal cutting performance, ensuring your hedges are trimmed to perfection.

The DCMPH566N stands out with its articulating head, which can be adjusted into seven different positions for flexible working. This feature allows you to access hard-to-reach areas with ease, making your gardening tasks less strenuous. The dual-action blades, constructed from hardened steel and laser cut for precision, ensure a longer-lasting tool that can withstand the rigors of regular use.

This cordless hedge trimmer is a bare unit, meaning it is sold without batteries or a charger. This gives you the freedom to use your existing compatible DeWalt batteries, making it a cost-effective addition to your tool collection.

The DCMPH566N is not just about power and performance; it also prioritizes safety and convenience. Being cordless, it eliminates the risk of tripping over wires, making your work environment safer. It also offers quick and efficient cutting, saving you valuable time on your gardening tasks. Despite its robust performance, it remains lightweight and maneuverable, reducing fatigue during extended use.

Technical Specifications:

- Voltage: 18V

- Maximum Reach: 3.35m

- Positions: 7

- Blade cut gap: 25mm

- Blade length: 550mm

The package includes the 18V Pole Hedge Trimmer unit. Please note that this is a naked machine/body only. It is not supplied with batteries, a case, or a charger.

Experience the quality and reliability of DeWalt tools with the DCMPH566N 18V XR Pole Hedge Trimmer Bare Unit. Purchase today and elevate your gardening tasks to a new level of efficiency and precision.

Key Features

Model NumberDCMPH556N 18V

What's in the box

    • 1 x 18V Pole Hedge Trimmer
    • Naked Machine / Body Only. Not Supplied With BatteriesCase or a Charger

Product specification of DeWalt DCMPH566N 18V XR Pole Hedge Trimmer Bare Unit


4.5 / 5

Based on 53 reviews

Did the job I needed it to well

MARK WILSON, 31/08/2023

Excellent tool, light weight and easy to use.

Derek Skea, 30/08/2023

Powerful, easily cuts through toughest hedge including hawthorn and blackthorn. Balanced to hold and fully adjustable head makes it comfortable to use in any position.

Expatman, 29/08/2023

Works well and the cutting blade is very sharp but if it wasn't for the fact I have all Dewalt products (batteries have universal fit) I would have had second thoughts about this product. It just seems a bit "bouncy" where the cutting arm articulates, well my one does. Would have liked it to have felt a bit sturdier that it is. Otherwise it does the job well. i usually use a Stihl petrol trimmer, but purchased this for lighter pruning and trimming.

align, 23/08/2023

Excellent product does just what it is supposed to and much lighter than my petrol unit.

Mr Malcolm Taylor, 13/08/2023

Great price for a handy tool

Justin Hewett, 11/08/2023

This hedge trimmer works great but can be quite heavy when used horizontally. I don't think it's a design flaw but just the nature of using tools in this manner.

customer, 15/07/2023

It’s great for small hedges, for quick ness . Disappointed with a delay in delivery and the state of the package

Dave Watson customer, 13/07/2023

The design is a bit top heavy. The joints are plastic and feel none too sturdy. However it does cut well with enough power from an 18v battery. It gets through tough branches easily.

Matthew Mason, 01/07/2023

Great bit of kit, just a bit heavy to use

Daniel Atkinson, 30/06/2023

It's a nice machine to use but maybe a bit heavy at the cutting end

Andrew, 29/06/2023

Performs well, with a 5 amph battery, but it is a bit heavy. I have now used it four times for quite long periods and am surprised at how well it copes when compared to my petrol Stihl. You develop a technique to manage the weight.

Andrew D, 25/06/2023

Very good product, razor sharp, will give your arms a good work out after 20 mins, balanced well with 4 or 5ah batteries. Excellent service and prompt delivery from FFX.

Customer, 24/06/2023


Mr Graham Sims, 24/06/2023

Ideal product with timely delivery.

John Darlington, 10/04/2023

First DEWALT tool I have purchased that is flimsy and seems unable to do what it’s designed for. Bought the pole trimmer to complement my DEWALT standard trimmer. They are like chalk and cheese.

Happy buyer from Winchester, 17/02/2023

Has a very good cutting capacity but it's a very heavy tool. Weight balances well with 5AH bat although it runs for as long as you can hold it on a 2AH. Feels solid except for angle adjustor which feels a little flimsy

Paul Finner, 23/12/2022

Usual dewalt high quality. MB

Micheal Bentley, 19/11/2022

Gives your arms a good workout Good points battery 5ah lasts about an hour high quality blades and can be easy stored Not so great points middle screw on the shaft comes undone quite a lot and you think the battery dead if you are doing hedges about shoulder height it rubs on the hedge and comes undone and unless you got massive arms or use it everyday gets heavy also little too flexible but manageable But DeWalt quality great cutting easy storage if you got the batteries get one

JONATHAN LYNCH, 14/08/2022

Easy to you ( could be a little heavy to use at height ) , great value , good reach , cuts very well , makes light work of hedge cutting with thick branches - would definitely recommend

Fausto, 12/08/2022

I'm a landscaper and have been looking to move away from petrol for awhile now , since the price for fule has go up so much and my sthil one had seen better days I decided to bite the bullet and go for an 18v long reach trimmer , wow so impressed with this tool , cuts really well and battery life exceeded my expectations by miles, very happy with purchase

dion blowers, 26/07/2022

Amazing price next day delivery

anthony burgis, 22/06/2022

Excellent service thanks

DARREN BALDWIN, 21/06/2022

Saves me getting the ladders out and my extension leads before I attack my tall hedges and it works brilliantly, would like it to be lighter in weight but you can't have everything. The cordless system saves so much time when it comes to setting up to start hedge cutting . I just pickup and go.

RW, 13/06/2022

Nice light weight tool made my hedge cutting much easier

malcolm, 11/06/2022

Great hedge trimmer for long reach, it’s kinda tricky if you want to cut a low hedge due to its length so I use another hand held trimmer for those … dewalt is a no brainier for me as I have the battery pack from my drills and grass trimmer

Paul G , 04/06/2022

Top quality. Being battery operated it is extremely convenient. The Dewalt XR series has no issues with power - the blades cut through hedges with ease - even better than my old corded one (vonHaus) and miles better than my previous one to that (a battery operated one) As ever, there is a fair amount of weight in the head so takes it out your back and shoulders with extended use but not as heavy as it’s competitors that I’ve used.

John Boag, 30/05/2022

A little top heavy and poorly balanced but good enough. Batteries good and can be shared with other de Walt products

Martin, 29/05/2022

I like to use this to trim my garden pine trees

Paul Glass, 29/05/2022

Very good works really well easy to use

Martin Baker, 24/05/2022

Great service and product

RACHAEL GAYSON, 21/05/2022

First class product

Dear Mr Armstrong, 20/03/2022

First impression very good, using with 5amp batteries.

Stephen Fothergill, 17/03/2022

Amazing tool! Very light, easy to operate. It does cut thru 2cm

Artur Gramacki, 18/02/2022

Very satisfactory so far. Hope it proves rugged. I believe that the saw fits the same handle unit: would be good maybe to be able to buy this as an attachment. Good battery life.

Peter, 20/10/2021

Works as described 🌳 fast delivery 🚚 🤠👍

Andya, 17/10/2021

This is a superb DeWalt product that is extremely effective and efficient at cutting hedges etc at high awkward to reach levels. It’s light and very easy to put together. With it being in two parts it is easy to store. The price from FFX was extremely good when compared to others and their delivery service is superb

John, 17/10/2021

Mainly bought as compatible with existing Dewalt batteries and high quality and reliability of Dewalt products . Only criticism is becomes quite heavy after prolonged use

Paul Cassell, 15/10/2021

Cuts well but is not rigid and feels likely to break under pressure,battery lasts well.perhaps dewalt will rectify the wobble .

Alan. , 14/10/2021

Ffx shop of choice Good prices Excellent delivery service Hard to beat 👍

John Ridley , 08/10/2021

Not the cheapest trimmer but worth the money for build quality. Probably no heavier than similar trimmers by other manufacturers - you get used to it after a few goes. Very useful to be able to used the batteries from my other DeWalt tools.

Graeme Batchelor, 07/10/2021

Nice long reach, really light and the battery lasts for a decent time

Guest, 07/10/2021

Usefull bit of kit

Bob Turner Freebourne Ltd, 31/07/2021

A little bit flimsy but does the job

Mike Jones, 30/07/2021

I've got a very small garden with a hedge round it and a small tree which grows a bit too high to reach with an ordinary hedge trimmer. Normally I use a corded trimmer which is longer and therefore reaches higher than this DeWalt cordless one and a normal trimmer for the sides of the hedge. But I bought this and gave it a go the other day and was happy with it. It wasn't under powered and although it wasn't as tall as the other one I managed to do the job balancing on a ladder. Because it wasn't as big as the corded one I was able to use it on the sides of the hedge too so that saved getting two trimmers out. It would be useful if there was a third removable central section of pole just to make it easier to get up a bit higher It comes apart vey easily using a well designed threaded ring, so it's easy to store I've got two 5 amp hour DeWalt 18 volt batteries and I used a third of the power of just one of them. I didn't bother with the detachable strap. Seems well made, maybe the weakest part is a section of the on/off switch. Just out of interest I searched for spare parts but can't find anything anywhere.

Max Ewen, 30/07/2021

Way too heavy

Gordon Waugh, 17/07/2021

Very well made. Not too heavy. Shoulder strap is useful. Cuts easily . DeWalt products are great quality.

L Keith, 17/07/2021

Great product

Mr MonkeyBoy, 05/07/2021

Good bit of kit

Simon Webster, 24/03/2021

A good hedge trimmer and way easier than getting the ladder out. It was heavier and noisier than I was expecting. FFX.co.uk delivered it very quickly and much cheaper than anywhere else I could find online

Semaj, 18/03/2021

Great bit of Flexvolt kit

Simon cullum, 17/03/2021

Easy to setup and a lot less weight than my petrol pole trimmer so makes it easier to use and it works just as good, highly recommended

Alan Murray, 04/03/2021

It has stopped working after only using it a couple of times. worked great up til them. Im sure it will be covered under Guarantee. And i would probably buy another one in the future.

david mallyon, 10/08/2020

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DeWalt DCMPH566N 18V XR Pole Hedge Trimmer Bare Unit

£174.17£194.36ex. VAT

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