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Bosch LBOXX136 L-BOXX Carry Case Size 136 NEW MODEL

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The Bosch L-BOXX has a brand new look and a number of new features to allow the user better customization over their tool storage.

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Product Details


The Bosch LBOXX136 L-BOXX Carry Case Size 136, a testament to Bosch's commitment to quality, reliability, and service.

Introducing the Bosch LBOXX136 L-BOXX Carry Case Size 136, a testament to Bosch's commitment to quality, reliability, and service. This carry case is designed to provide you with superior tool storage solutions, ensuring your tools are ready when you are.

The Bosch LBOXX136 is equipped with a host of new features for enhanced customization. It boasts an improved 1-click stack mechanism, allowing you to connect and separate boxes within seconds. The design is robust and user-friendly, with easy access to the boxes even when stacked.

This carry case also features a larger front handle for more convenient use, capable of transporting up to 50kg. The ability to lock the L-BOXX with a padlock adds an extra layer of security, keeping your tools safe at all times.

The LBOXX136 is compatible with all L-BOXX versions and tool inlays, as well as the Sortimo in-vehicle system, offering you full flexibility. Its robust design, made from reliable L-BOXX material and improved closing latches, ensures durability and longevity.

Please note, this product is sold as a single, empty carry case. Purchase the Bosch LBOXX136 L-BOXX Carry Case Size 136 today and experience the difference in pragmatic and trustworthy tool storage solutions.

Key Features

Model NumberLBOXX136

What's in the box

    • 1 x Bosch L-BOXX Carry Case Size 136

Product specification of Bosch LBOXX136 L-BOXX Carry Case Size 136 NEW MODEL


3.8 / 5

Based on 17 reviews

Will they do the job you want them to do? Yes. Are they 'NEW'? Absolutely not. Basically the left-overs from un-wanted kits. Mine came slightly damaged, dirty, covered in sharpie and highlighter. The stickers will also be from whatever kit they originally were made from. I'm not a tradie, just a home DIY'er so I guess it's a little bit more annoying for me as it wouldn't be getting used and abused as it would be with a tradie. As I said, it will do the job, but if you like new stuff to actually be NEW, then you'll be disappointed.

Tom Middleton, 10/07/2023

Good and sturdy but a bit overpriced.

Stephen, 23/06/2023

Nice strong box

Simon Bandy, 17/03/2023

Great product, next day delivery, my first port of call next time.

Andrew Sheffield, 12/10/2022

Thought I was getting a new box as that’s what I paid for, it was someone’s second hand grinder box, dirty and scratched

Zak Fisher, 27/05/2022

like always Bosch profesional is profesional.

Tomasz P., 24/02/2022

Sent me a box complete with stickers from a lboxx they had blatantly emptied and removed to sell as a bare unit. Left me with all stickers to remove and nasty sticker residue to clean, just to get back to the clean/bare plain lboxx that I had paid for. Not recommending purchase or recommend seller. Thanks

Keith Anderson, 23/06/2021

Nice L-boxx

ALEKSEJ, 09/06/2021

Arrived with cracked lid wrapped only in a thin layer of bubble wrap probably caused by Royal Mail but it still does the job and the costs of returing it would have been non cost effective. What did annoy me was it was never new in the first place it was obviously originally part of a "Bosch Package" having difficult to remove bar code and product labels for another bosch product complete with inserts which obviously didn't fit what I purchased the L box for. Really Disappointed.

Paul Wickham, 07/06/2021

It's a shame the insert is the wrong one I ordered

Steven Robinson, 26/05/2021

Good strong storage, compatible with my other Bosch boxes

David Hinchliffe, 07/04/2021

Good price.Not a problem but was obviously a spare box from combining tools into one package and reselling the pare box. Was in very good condition but still had the cables on for the tools it was intended for, bit of a pain removing the stickers but defiantly not complaining for the price

Paul Boyd, 24/03/2021

A great product

Rob Jones, 03/02/2021

Good sturdy and stackable boxes

Turlough, 24/12/2020

Fitted foam padding in this box, now keep all measuring/ testing equipment in one box. Easily transportable as its stackable.

Jules, 24/12/2020

Works well with my other Bosh LBOXX makes carrying both boxes together easy.

Colin Murray, 03/12/2020

A very useful box that can contain all the accessories and fits onto my Bosch Gas 35 SFC+ industrial vacuum cleaner.

Julian Lock, 17/08/2020

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Bosch LBOXX136 L-BOXX Carry Case Size 136 NEW MODEL

£21.67£31.96ex. VAT

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