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Bosch GKS18V57G+R 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Circular Saw Plus Guide Rail

£368.29ex. VAT

The 06016A2170/R Bosch 18v Circular Saw In L-BOXX Plus Guide Rail. Fast cutting progress and long runtime thanks to powerful DC motor. This Bosch circular saw cordless is perfect for cutting precision. A suitable cordless circular saw bosch for a variety of applications including working on jobsites and scaffolding.

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Product Details


The Bosch GKS18V57G+R 18V 2x5.0

Introducing the Bosch GKS18V57G+R 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Circular Saw Plus Guide Rail, a powerful tool designed for fast, accurate cuts. This professional-grade circular saw is designed for both lengthways and crossways cutting of wood with straight cutting lines, as well as mitre cuts. Its cordless design makes it perfect for a variety of applications, including working on jobsites and scaffolding.

The Bosch GKS18V57G+R offers a fast sawing rate and long runtime, thanks to its powerful motor. Its compatibility with the guide rail ensures flexibility and precision, allowing for fast, precise work results. Unique to this model, the saw blade can be positioned on the right-hand side, offering flexibility based on your preference.

Designed to withstand every type of application on the jobsite, this robust tool can even be used on a roof or scaffold. Its base plate is also compatible with other common guide rail systems, making it a versatile addition to your toolbox. The guide rail technology ensures exact guidance for precision cuts every time.

This circular saw comes with a dust extraction adapter, internal hexagon, L-BOXX 238, L-BOXX inlay, parallel guide, GAL 1880 CV quick charger, 2 x 5.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries, and FSN800 Guide Rail.

Experience the quality, reliability, and precision of Bosch with the GKS18V57G+R 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Circular Saw Plus Guide Rail. Purchase today and elevate your woodworking projects to a new level of accuracy and efficiency.

Key Features

Rail CompatibleFalse
Work LightFalse
Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberGKS18V57G+R

What's in the box

    • Dust extraction adapter
    • Internal hexagon
    • L-BOXX 238 (1 600 A00 1RS)
    • L-BOXX inlay
    • Parallel guide
    • GAL 1880 CV quick charger
    • 2 x 5.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries
    • FSN800 Guide Rail

Product specification of Bosch GKS18V57G+R 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Circular Saw Plus Guide Rail


5 / 5

Based on 3 reviews

Fantastic saw and guide rail. Well worth the money and speedy delivery

PAUL BRYCE, 08/05/2022

Great bit if kit. I use the bosch 18v platform for all my tools so I've plenty of batteries on hand but they last well. I bought a 48t blade and not used the one it came with so can't comment on that. The track is good not a bit short at 800mm but sufficient for worktops. Not sure which other makes of track are compatible as the bosch ones are expensive

Derek Terry, 06/12/2021

Got for my husband Xmas he'll love it

Sandra Mennie, 24/12/2020

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Bosch GKS18V57G+R 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Circular Saw Plus Guide Rail

£368.29ex. VAT

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