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Bosch GKS18V57G 18V Circular Saw Bare Unit L-Boxx

£184.96ex. VAT

Sawing with the Bosch cordless hand-held circular saws means maximum work progress and long battery runtime. In addition to this, they are especially lightweight and resilient.

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Product Details


The Bosch GKS18V57G 18V Circular Saw Bare Unit L-Boxx, a tool that redefines the standards of cordless hand-held circular saws.

Introducing the Bosch GKS18V57G 18V Circular Saw Bare Unit L-Boxx, a tool that redefines the standards of cordless hand-held circular saws. This robust and resilient saw is designed to provide maximum work progress and extended battery runtime, making it a perfect choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The GKS18V57G Professional is specifically designed for lengthways and crossways cutting of wood with straight cutting lines, as well as mitre cuts. Its cordless design makes it ideal for a variety of applications, including working on jobsites and scaffolding, offering flexibility and precision.

This circular saw boasts a fast sawing rate and long runtime, thanks to its powerful motor. The guide rail ensures fast, precise work results, and the unique design allows the saw blade to be on the right-hand side, providing flexibility to suit your needs. It's developed to withstand every type of application on the jobsite, even on a roof or scaffold.

The base plate is compatible with other common guide rail systems, adding to its versatility. The saw's technical specifications include a no-load speed of 3,400 rpm, a saw blade diameter of 165 mm, and a weight of 4.1 kg, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

The package includes the GKS 18V-57G Circular Saw, a standard for Wood Saw Blade, a Dust Extraction Adapter, an Internal Hexagon, a Parallel Guide, and an L-Boxx. Please note that this is a bare unit and is not supplied with batteries or a charger.

Experience the quality and reliability of Bosch tools. Purchase the Bosch GKS18V57G 18V Circular Saw Bare Unit L-Boxx today and elevate your woodworking projects to a new level of precision and efficiency.

Key Features

Rail CompatibleFalse
Work LightFalse
Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberGKS18V57G

What's in the box

    • 1x GKS 18V-57G Circular Saw
    • 1x Standard for Wood Saw Blade
    • 1x Dust Extraction Adapter
    • 1x Internal Hexagon
    • 1x Parallel Guide
    • 1x L-Boxx
    • Naked Machine / Body Only. Not Supplied With Batteries or a Charger

Product specification of Bosch GKS18V57G 18V Circular Saw Bare Unit L-Boxx


4.9 / 5

Based on 7 reviews

As always, great service and best prices from FFX. I have lots of Bosch blue 12v and 18v tools and batteries, never any complaints.

MR PATRICK TONER, 04/12/2021

Superb next day delivery

The telly man, 30/10/2021

Quality feel to this saw , makes easy work of all my jobs in the home and garden

webb webb, 28/04/2021

Easy to use, but on a heavy cut uses the battery very quickly.

Customerjon, 07/04/2021

Had to buy this for a single cut in a 56mm oak stair wonder as I didn’t have power or a cordless which could cut that deep, and I’m already a Bosch guide owner, so the G version made sense to get a straight edge. I was really surprised by how powerful this saw is and by the quality of the cut. Since then I used it for numerous doors, and have managed to take off some very thin strips, and the strips remain intact down to sub 1mm. It’s also greats well on oak work tops.Note the depth of cut on the rail system is a little less than the 57mm maximum cut in the specs due to the height of the rail. I’m left handed, and this saw suits me amazingly well, highly recommended and shows how far cordless circular saws have come since my last purchase, a 10 year old Dewalt.

ANDY BENHAM , 26/08/2020

Good quality saw and a cost effective way of evaluating the track saw experience...

Spudulike, 03/02/2020

Great saw, and even better with the guide add on, which also is used for router etc. Box is great and has room to store a few batteries too.

A-Line Elite LTD , 12/05/2017

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Bosch GKS18V57G 18V Circular Saw Bare Unit L-Boxx

£184.96ex. VAT

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