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Bosch GCM12GDL 240v 2000w 12in Double Bevel Gliding Mitre Saw

£854.17ex. VAT

The Bosch 240v 2000w 12in Double Bevel Gliding Mitre Saw GCM12GDL is the ideal unit for trade professionals as it comprises of strength quality and durability.

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Product Details


The Bosch GCM12GDL 240v 2000w 12in Double Bevel Gliding Mitre Saw, a testament to strength, quality, and durability.

Introducing the Bosch GCM12GDL 240v 2000w 12in Double Bevel Gliding Mitre Saw, a testament to strength, quality, and durability. This tool is an ideal choice for trade professionals seeking precision and efficiency in their work.

The GCM12GDL features Bosch's Axial-Glide system, offering the smoothest and most precise cutting action. Its horizontal and vertical hinged arms with sealed bearings enhance versatility and are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. This saw is supplied with a collet, insert plate, internal hexagon, and a 305mm blade, ensuring you have everything you need to get started.

Notable features include efficient dust extraction due to optimised suction spouts, a groove-cutting function, and a frictionless slide mechanism for easy, non-tiring sawing. The GCM12GDL is designed with the user in mind. All controls for mitre and bevel settings are situated on the front of the machine for convenience. The pull-out material supports integrated on the right and left with an integrated length stop add to its user-friendly design.

The GCM12GDL is powered by a robust 2000 watt motor, offering sufficient power reserves for thick woods. Its compact slide mechanism allows for space-saving positioning directly against the wall. The integrated handle also makes transportation around job sites easier and much more efficient.

The Bosch GCM12GDL is more than just a tool; it's a reliable partner for your professional trade needs. Purchase today and experience the difference in quality and reliability that Bosch tools offer.

Key Features

Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberGCM12GDL

What's in the box

    • 1 x 240v 2000w 12in Double Bevel Gliding Mitre Saw
    • 1 x Collet - 1 609 B02 585
    • 1 x Saw blade 305 mm - 2 608 642 103

Product specification of Bosch GCM12GDL 240v 2000w 12in Double Bevel Gliding Mitre Saw


4.8 / 5

Based on 11 reviews

Been waiting for the right time to buy

christopher wareham, 09/04/2022

I’ve just bought this saw after having the Dewalt equivalent in my workshop for some years . I liked how much closer to the wall it could fit on the bench where it’s permanently bolted down . I also really liked how smooth the siding action was and how much easier it was to use for cutting a tennon. Without the rails and vacuum conection on the rear it’s much quicker and easier to rotate the table between right and left mitres . Bosch have clearly put a lot of effort into the design of this saw The double laser is easier to use and more precise than Dewalts XP’s shadow system and the soft start a really nice feature . the dust collection is much more efficient when connected to a vacuum which was always a major gripe with Dewalt . Don’t look at YouTube reviews on this saw unless they are up to date . All the complaints I noted in those reviews have been addressed in this latest version , such as no soft start , the material clamp . The non transparent blade guard , it’s all sorted and updated . If saving space in a close to wall situation is important then this is your saw and it’s capacity is bigger than the Dewalt . It’s a big machine and doesn’t save as much space as I expected but the saving is still worthwhile . If you want a portable saw to lift in and out of a van daily then others like Dewalt and Mikita are lighter and easier to handle . Although the Bosch isn’t impossible to lift it’s just heavier and more bulky . I wouldn’t want to carry it up stairs regularly . For a joinery shop it’s a great choice . I’ve given it 5 stars for everything , it quality is equal to its competitors so 5 stars , and only slightly more expensive than its competitors Considering it’s amazing unique features I’ve also given value 5 stars . Cost wasn’t the consideration I wanted the best saw for my needs and think I’ve found it . Only time will tell

Ian Parkes, 13/09/2021

Excellent saw, very accurate

Susan Johnson, 28/04/2021

Great piece of machinery, not very portable 😁

John Connell, 27/12/2020

Seems good quality, feels different to the railed model I had previously. I think this tool is overpriced for what it is. I am talking about the Bosch price point here not FFX who always seem to give the best prices out there. FFX service was spot on, arrived next day.

Mike Davison, 29/10/2020

Great saw it took a while to set the cut square but is worth taking the time. The same has to be said about the laser cut guides but one set it’s a real bonus So now the bad bit and perhaps a bit more setting up is needed,But when using the depth cut stop to create half lap joints I haven’t been able to get consistent depths of cut on each pass There seams to be to much verticals bounce/ play through the cross cut.

D Elliott, 31/10/2018

Awesome piece of kit, last saw I'll ever buy

glyn, 23/10/2018

Excellent saw! Would definitely recommend this.

dan beecham, 15/06/2018

Husband loves it, great professional present

Kathryn Graves, 07/05/2018

A little bit on the BIG side, but very satisfied with the results

JuanManuel Benavides, 12/03/2018

Fabulous. Expensive, but fabulous. Get it if you are in the market for a top-rate compound mitre saw.

A Brown, 19/12/2017

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Bosch GCM12GDL 240v 2000w 12in Double Bevel Gliding Mitre Saw

£854.17ex. VAT

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