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Bosch 1600A016BH 5m Professional Tape Measure

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The Bosch 5m Professional Tape Measure is an essential to add to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts’ toolboxes. With a unique flexible stop button on the bottom of the tape measure, it is simple to use.

Product Details


Bosch 1600A016BH: Accurate, Robust & Ergonomic Tape Measure for Tradespeople

This compact yet highly durable tape measure will give you the means to make accurate measurements quickly and easily. No matter what trade you work in a tape measure will always come in handy and this one has numerous features that make it ideal for professionals. Its magnetic hook allows it to be attached to metal surfaces securely and with a maximum blade stand out of 2.5 metres longer measurements can be made more easily.

The case is built for comfort, with an ergonomic design that fits neatly in the hand, but it can also withstand shocks and knocks thanks to its durable aluminium housing. The blade itself is also highly durable thanks to its nylon coating which also ensures the markings remain clearly visible for longer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable design thanks to robust aluminium housing
  • Easy measurements of long distances due to strong magnetic hook that is attachable to metal surfaces
  • Soft grip and ergonomic shape for optimal working conditions
  • Shock absorbing material allows it to cope with tough working conditions
  • Nylon coating on the blade gives it added resilience and ensures the markings remain clearer for longer

Technical Specification:

Tape Length: 5m
Blade Width: 27mm
Autolock: No
Magnetic: No

If you are a tradesperson a reliable and tape measure is an essential part of a tool kit. The 1600A016BH is just that. The markings will remain clearly visible thanks to the nylon coating on the blade and the housing is shock resistant so you will be able to use this tape measure for years to come in tough environments.

Supplied With:

1 x 5m Professional Metallic Tape Measure

Key Features

Model Number1600A016BH
Belt ClipFalse
Double SidedFalse

What's in the box

    • 1 x 5m Professional Metallic Tape Measure

Product specification of Bosch 1600A016BH 5m Professional Tape Measure


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This tape is “Class 2” but the movement in the tip is more than the thickness of the tip itself, therefore creating over 1mm of miss reading.

Harry, 12/08/2022

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Bosch 1600A016BH 5m Professional Tape Measure

£18.96£19.58ex. VAT

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