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Bosch 108BLUE20 12v 2ah Li-Ion Battery 1607A350C5

£20.79£26.36ex. VAT

Bosch 2607336879 10.8v 2.0ah Li-Ion Battery

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Product Details


The Bosch 12BLUE20 12v 2ah Li-Ion Battery 1607A350C5, a high-performance power source designed to keep your Bosch Professional 10.8

Introducing the Bosch 12BLUE20 12v 2ah Li-Ion Battery 1607A350C5, a high-performance power source designed to keep your Bosch Professional 10.8v and 12v Power Tools running efficiently. This battery is packed with features that ensure longevity and reliability, making it an essential addition to your tool kit.

The Bosch 12BLUE20 boasts a high energy density, providing your power tools with the energy they need to perform at their best. Its low self-discharge rate ensures that the battery retains its charge for longer periods, making it ready when you are. Furthermore, this battery has no memory effect, meaning it can be recharged at any time without reducing its capacity.

One of the unique selling points of this battery is its Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). This innovative feature protects the battery from overload, overheating, and deep discharge, ensuring a longer lifetime. If the battery pack is put under excessive load, the ECP shuts down the tool to prevent damage. Similarly, if the battery heats up excessively, the ECP intervenes and shuts down the tool, protecting both the battery and the tool from potential harm.

The Bosch 12BLUE20 is compatible with the latest Bosch Professional 10.8v and 12v Power Tool range, making it a versatile choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With a capacity of 2.0Ah and a voltage of 10.8v/12v, this battery offers the perfect balance between power and efficiency.

In conclusion, the Bosch 12BLUE20 12v 2ah Li-Ion Battery 1607A350C5 is a reliable, high-quality power source that ensures your power tools are always ready for action. Purchase today and experience the difference that a quality battery can make to your power tools.

Key Features

Depth [mm]105
Model Number12BLUE20
Battery Capacity [Ah]2
Voltage [V]12


5 / 5

Based on 18 reviews

this is a very good battery with plenty of life

graham roper, 05/09/2023

Very good delivery no problems excellent service

M.W.SMITH, 03/07/2023

Perfect does what is required

Stephen, 29/04/2023

Quick delivery and excellent service.

John Bones, 18/04/2023

Good batteries just what I wanted thank you

Stuart Mckie, 26/11/2022

Good price, quick delivery.

Brian J Severn, 08/11/2022

Good service, gyrations price.

Brian, 05/11/2022

It’s a battery

Steve Herat, 03/01/2022

Great price, fast delivery from FFX

Mr McKinven, 24/06/2021

Very good product does exactly as advertised.

Graeme Nicoll, 16/06/2021

Great service as ever

Tony Cox, 11/06/2021

Usual Bosch quality - didn't need a multi buy option, which would have brought the price per item down and earned more value stars from me.

Mark Divers, 09/10/2020

IIs a battery

James Free, 07/10/2020

Excellent battery

Mr Mervyn Knutton, 06/07/2020

Great way to keep your Bosch 10.8v-12v 2.0ah tools running for longer and as much power as you'd need

Tom Barry, 02/12/2019

Great original product at a competitive price

Harjit , 29/03/2019

Very good very quick with refund

peter brooks, 01/06/2018

Good price (although why 2Ah batteries are 1/3 price of 3Ah ones beats me)

Keith Walton, 17/11/2017

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Bosch 108BLUE20 12v 2ah Li-Ion Battery 1607A350C5

£20.79£26.36ex. VAT

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