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Altrad Belle M83B 1x5Ah Minimix 150 E+ Mixer Kit

£975.79ex. VAT

A robust battery mixer for the professional and rental users. Emission free and perfect for all small to medium building projects.

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Altrad Belle M83B 1x5Ah Minimix 150 E+ Mixer Kit



The Altrad Belle 1x5Ah Minimix 150 E+ Mixer Kit is an emission-free electric mixer designed for use in areas of poor ventilation like tunnels or basements. Thanks to its non-existent emissions it can be used in nature reserves, green spaces, parks, and urban areas where emissions are closely controlled. It has a very low noise output, minimising disturbance and allowing for longer periods of work - especially handy in urban areas. With its cordless design, this flexible mixer can be positioned wherever it is needed most, and its compact design makes it easy to transport. On a single charge this mixer can process an output of 2.0m³ mix output, the equivalent of 20 mix loads of concrete. Reaching 80% charge takes a mere 28 minutes, while 100% charge can be reached in 38 minutes. This mixer is supplied with a barrow height swivel and stand, and has an extra thick drum with quick mix paddles. Portable, quiet and without emissions, this is the perfect eco-friendly mixer.


What's in the box

    • 1 x Minimix 150 E+ Battery Mixer
    • 1 x 82V 5AH Battery
    • 1 xTwin fast-charger

Product specification of Altrad Belle M83B 1x5Ah Minimix 150 E+ Mixer Kit

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Altrad Belle M83B 1x5Ah Minimix 150 E+ Mixer Kit

£975.79ex. VAT

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